Monday, July 4, 2016

Ice Age: for kids of every age! My Ice Age Collision Course Movie Review

Look what I've unearthed... a movie ticket fossil... my ticket to this year's greatest animated big screen adventure!  
Loved that cool Saturday morning where the gang and I all trooped to the Greenbelt Cinemas for another COOL-ision: the Ice Age Collision Course Movie Premiere! Forever thankful to the lovely Ms. Mae Vecina of Warner Brothers & 20th Century Fox Philippines, and of course their wonderful and kind President, Mr. Francis Soliven for the awesome invites and amazing big screen adventures!

As always, silly Scrat causes another chaotic course that sets the Ice Age gang, led by monolithic mammoth, Manny and his family (nuclear and extended to include the other species) into one chilly-thrilling ride! You would have to watch this for yourselves to learn more about the escapades that the movie lets its viewers all walk through. But let me just tell you the reasons why you need to watch this with your squad!

1. It is all about Family - Indeed, as what resonated in the past Ice Age film instalments, this movie is all about Family and about how tough it is to survive the cold, hard, icy (literally) world without those whom we can stand on for support. I love how Manny continues to be the main mammoth, the rock of the crew, steering them all towards safety, even if at times, he too would find himself at the brink of fear and uncertainty. 
2. It's a SCRATASTROPHIC Adventure - whenever I see Scrat, chasing after his acorn, I know that trouble is not too far away! Yes, I love those Ice Age trailers; they excite me as I wait for the next Ice Age movies to be launched. Ok, so Scrat can sometimes be so annoying, but then life would be boring without him and his acorn. But hey, what would Ice Age movies (or life for that matter) be without struggles and downfalls? What matters is how we pick ourselves up and save the day in our own little way... together as a family! Check out Space-Scrat who was the movie screening's VIP guest!
3. Just Let it Go... You'd really have to watch this awesome family movie to understand what I mean, but this movie is all about learning to love and accept one another for our quirks, differences and preferences. Sometimes, we lose our cool and be all ICY whenever we meet those who challenge our views and 'break the ice' that surrounds our comfort zones... indeed this movie is all just letting go, and just being... who you are and who you can be! It is all about loving, respecting and accepting one another, knowing that each of us hold a potential in our hands, and maybe sometimes it has to take a tough situation like the end of the Ice Age world, for us to discover that... 
I absolutely loved ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE and you will to! Catch it at your favourite movie theatres before the ICE melts...