Sunday, November 9, 2014

Always a Fairy Happy Halloween at SM Makati!

Growing up, I would frequent SM Makati. I loved everything about that mall - its convenience, proximity to my home back then, plus the fact that it was in the middle of everything. And now, I have more reasons to love it, since I have hosted their exciting Halloween Party for the second straight year! Last year, I was a WINX Club Fairy, and this year, I rose up a notch as a Fairy Queen! Donning my same pair of lovely, shiny wings as last year! Only this time, I had a silvery crown! 

I am always thankful each time I get to host for SM Makati, one of my most favorite SM Malls and SM Store branches, because not only do they let me soar on my fairy wings and spread my giggly loud happiness and game ideas; I have also made a ton of lovely friends! Above are the awesome marketing team of the SM Store Makati, and special shout out to Ms. Nikki Angela Cruz, the Marketing Manager, and of course the handsome Prince Miami Santos (above) who continues to trust me with their events. Plus my friend and former high school classmate, Jonner Galerio a.k.a Blue Cabanlig, all part of the efficient & talented SM Makati team. 

The place was packed! We had fun games, a dog show, a costume parade and of course, trick-or-treat! Everyone took home loads of fun... and Candy!!! 

So here's my son's stash for this year... How can we ever gobble these all up??? And so, to end my blog, I would like to share a photo that is very, very special to me. The very first time my little sweet joy went trick-or-treating with me (yes, he enjoyed Halloween even before he could even walk!) Here he was, I believe only a year old or less... I was dressed as Maid Marian and he, as my very own Robin Hood! My first year as a mom, but you can never take my love for Halloween away from me. Indeed, so many reasons to love this time of the year; it is totally a sweet season, and I am not just talking about Candy!

-Marylaine Viernes