Sunday, August 9, 2015

Movie Review: Fantastic Four

I was really blown away by 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers Philippines’ latest film: the reboot of the Fantastic Four Franchise, kicking off with an origins theme. 

I appreciated the real-life situations of how sometimes, the best of intentions can turn into the most gruesome mistake, and also on the upside, and how the seemingly most tragic occurrences turn out to our advantage. Heartrendingly was the story of friendship between Ben and Reed, saw its eventual rut when an excited Reed coaxed Ben to join their verboten expedition which ended up in turning Ben into a monster and a killing machine as “The Thing.” I mean, everyone else got to keep their original forms, with a few irregularities they were eventually able to control, which then became their super powers. I can only imagine how Ben felt when he was unable to shift to his original form and worst - his best friend went into hiding after promising help, making one think that there are those who make it and those who pay the price to make things happen. I guess it is with coming into terms with life and who we have become, which of course we will see with Ben – in the next instalments of Fantastic Four – is what will make us embrace our potential – even if we didn’t turn out (or we did) into what we wanted to be. So instead of focusing on the realities of life beautifully rendered in a timeless, iconic superhero film, bet you didn't know that... 
* In the original 1960’s comic books, friends Reed Richards and Ben Grimm served in the World War II. But in the movie, they were good friends whose friendship was built on love for science and mystery, with Reed taking the lead, as usual, while Ben cooly played sidekick. 
* Ms. Susan Storm eventually married Reed and they had a son named Franklin Benjamin Richards and a daughter named Valeria Richards. And what's cute about Valeria is she is younger, but then thanks to time travel, she gets to be big sister! 
* In the comics, the only members of the Fantastic Four who didn’t become part of the Avengers was Johnny Storm. But isn't quite ironic how in real life - the actor who originally played Johnny Storm, Chris Evans - has moved on to become on of the most famous avengers - Captain America? Hows that for doing the Avengers-shift in real life? 
Above: My very own superhero who loved the movie so much that everyday we play superhero trivia games.
- Marylaine Viernes