Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Lala-mazing afternoon hosting another Lala-lovely Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet Party!

So happy to put on my bright scarlet wig and wiggle and dance for another Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet party, as part of the Robinsons Malls' Character Festival 2016! Yes, so glad was I to once more be little Miss Twist E' Twirls of Lalaloopsy Land! Good times! 
This is another gig I got under the Robinsons Malls Character Festival 2016 campaign, and before I tell you more about my Lalaloopsy Land Adventure, I would first like to share my glee that the best part about the Robinsons Character Festival was that my lovely younger sister too got to host a few of her own events under this awesome festival! Please visit Miss Natalie's blog by clicking the links that follow below: 
Isn't she lovely? I dub her, Ms. Pikachu 2016! Here is my sister Nate, a budding weekend events host and blogger along with our childhood buddy and former neighbor, Nico, with of course, cute and sweet Pikachu! We can never get enough of this Pokemon! 
Yes as I try to be a good big sister, I managed to actually help my sister find hosting gigs (she has a superb speaking voice too, and quite a mesmerising onstage presence to boot). And apart from her hosting gigs, she also blogs! Her blog showcases three categories representing the main umbrella of her passions: EVENTS, FOOD and TRAVEL. Please keep visiting her blog site at 
Now going back to me and my adventures in Lalaloopsy Land, below are a few of my video clips, sharing stories and smiles with the kids: 
Plus more snaps follow below... Here I am with my Lalaloopsy buddies, Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie! 
 Tons of stories to tell when you're in Lalaloopsy Land! 
And the best part after was the Toys R Us shopping right after! Every moment here was made with Magic and Love... 
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Very happy to host the Meet & Greet party for Sylvanian Families!

I am just so happy to finally emcee a Sylvanian Families party! I've always marvelled at just how cute these toys are! Part of the Robinsons Malls Character Festival 2016, is this awesome meet and greet spectacular featuring Chocolate Rabbit and Walnut Squirrel! All of the kids (and yours truly, for I am a kid-at-heart) had a blast and even gladly lined up for two rounds of this meet and greet! 
This was defi-NUT-ly a fun day, meeting Walnut Squirrel who came and giggled along with Chocolate Rabbit Mummy! So sad I wasn't able to take a lot of photos, but I can truly say that I had tons of fun and excitement during this special Sylvanian day! 
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