Friday, June 17, 2016

Hosting the fantastic intergalactic gala to celebrate 25 successful years of Guill-Bern Corporation

No words can best describe the glory of that scintillating of that evening, when I was honored to be master of ceremony during the 25th Anniversary celebration of Guill-Bern Corporation, held at the Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas Center. Here I am with the company's lovely founder herself, a woman of wisdom, Ms. Lourdes Delos Reyes.
With its theme, 'Breakthrough to Excellence,' this event sky-rocketed with an aptly mesmerising and well-conceptualised futuristic look, where I had the chance to come in as space queen in my best black and silver outfit! It was truly out of this world, with guests from principals from all over the globe, and local partners composed of only the most esteemed and reputable private companies engaged in the ever-dynamic medical business. Below are a few clips as I emceed the event:
Plus, here's one of my few voice-over spiel videos: 
Cheers to more years of success for Guill-Bern Corporation! Below are more snaps of me engaging the guests! Visit to learn more about the company's services and how they continue to dominate the cutthroat field of medical science services!
And since there's no getting over this intergalactically fantastic event, here are a few more photos: With the tech team and the queen of RX Events, Xiameer. Yes, this crazy tech booth behind-the-scenes photo here shows the true face of events which are not all glitz and glam! 
 Let's not forget my lovely stage manager, Kresta McCoy! This was a celebration of independent and beautiful women too!
Below shows in my "throne" where I get to live out my out-of-this-world-amazing experiences whenever I host an event! Taken a few minutes before the event began. One of the many times that I get to fly high in space with my 'craft.'
And here I am after the event, signing off... yup my space ship was waiting to fly my back to my Planet Nerd (yes, when I am not in hosting duties, I am a total, downright nerd! Check out the green space beams; this was truly legit... Beam me up, Scotty!!! 
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My latest Philips AVENTure: Hosting 'The Joys & Challenges of Motherhood' Event

The most recent event I've emceed for Philips AVENT was entitled, "Today's Moms: The Joys and Challenges of Motherhood," held in partnership with Baby Company. And what a very apt title for my situation that day wherein there was absolutely no member of my family (not even my mom) available to play nanny for my son that day, that I had to bring him by myself to this event along with a truckload of gadgets to ensure he doesn't get bored while I serve as master of ceremony for the program. Yes, it was indeed a challenging day, but was I so joyful during and after the event, for my boy was very well-behaved; he was a joy to bring along! We (literally) rolled through the day gleefully!  
Skating AVENT-ure. A shout out of love and appreciation goes to my Philips AVENT / LJS Group family who've helped me skate gracefully through 7 years of being a mum! They have helped me in many ways both as a mom and as an events host! As I grow with my son, my love for Philips AVENT will grow too for they've been with us since the start. But below's photo shows me with eyes wide shut... praying and hoping that I can last this day without a nanny watching over my son consistently through this 3-hour hosting AVENT-ure! 
Yes, I cannot believe that it's now 7 wonderful years being a mother and it has been nothing less than rewarding and empowering! And the one brand that has been by my side all these years since I became a mom was Philips AVENT! I claim responsibility for coining the term, "AVENT-ure," and I've been using this word, AVENTURE in all my Philips engagements for this is what all this years has been... not just an exhilarating adventure, but an amazing Philips AVENT-ure! 
Promoting AVENT products comes naturally. While I no longer use all of the Philips AVENT products such as this natural line manual breast pump, I swear by these and still know the product features and benefits by heart. Not just because I host for them, but because I've actually used most if not all of the AVENT products; they are the best partner any mom can have, whether a newbie or a pro. In every chance I find, I proudly exclaim, "I am a Philips AVENT Mom!" 
But I am not the only proud AVENT mom. For not only has Philips AVENT nurtured my son and I; through Philips AVENT, I've made many good friends and the one I call my BFF is the beautiful, kind-hearted and talented Chef, Dang Adrias who is not just a celebrity chef and culinary brand endorser, but also a respected culinary arts teacher at MOST Institute, wonderful wife and mom of three! She's truly a person who inpires me and I look up to her for the many hats she wears apart from the toque. And most recently, she made my son's birthday cake and it was simply awesome! Will be blogging about that soon! I love you always and forever, my awe-inspiring and creative BFF, Chef Dang Adrias! 
 Photo above is with my son, Godric Matthew and Chef Dang's lovely baby girl, Andrea or simply Andi... she is as beautiful as mommy, and she's a gymnast too... watch out for Andi Adrias soon! Photo below shows me taking many more snaps with my BFF Chef Dang before the program started... can you spot my roller-boy son, Matthew in the photo below? 
And here I was with the rest of our three featured speakers for that day. Chef Dang of course taught the moms how to prepare fresh and healthy food for the little ones and the family... Ms. Sharon Galang Agoncillo (extreme left) spoke about Baby Signs, while magazine editor Frances Amper Sales talked about grooming and wellness so moms won't let themselves go and totally forget to look after themselves, especially as remaining fit and pretty can be very challenging after giving birth.  
 I can never get enough of Philips AVENT and our fun learning AVENTURES which my son has mostly been part of... 
 An AVENTURE for the whole family. Yes, everyone is welcome to learn and have fun with us and even take home some goodies!
 Thank you, Philips AVENT for always being there for me and my son all these years... you will always occupy a huge space in my heart! 
Thanks for dropping by; may we all continue to strive for God's glory!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tiny Buds: pure, natural and wonderful, just like a Mother's Love

I usually write about being a working mom and events host and rarely rave about my personal life online, but now I dedicate this post to the one you find occupying the largest space of my mind and heart: my son, Matthew! Seeing him grow has been the most wonderful and blessed dimension of my being, an adventure where as he grows, I see myself also growing in many ways. As he is God's grace manifest in my life, he is indeed the best blessing I've received and thus, he deserves nothing but the best! Speaking of the best, check out our favourite brand for Mommy & Baby care needs: TINY BUDS! 
I am so glad to have discovered and being awarded the gift of working with Tiny Buds. I've loved this product for ages and my family can attest to the fact that I personally use their rice baby powder! Imagine my glee after learning that this particular product was awarded internationally for its quality (hypoallergenic and helps keep delicate skin fresh and dry all day) plus the wonderful innovation that it is, being made of 100% real rice grains. Just Wow! Even the world loves it. What a very pleasant surp-rice!  
But more than just my preferences, I would like to share why this is the one product I swore by when my son smaller and to this day, we still love using Tiny Buds! And the best part is you can order these products online too at I dare you mommies to go crazy and shop for your babies (and yourselves too)! Yes, the company behind Tiny Buds is comprised of such wonderful people (Shout out to Ms. Lorina Tan and Ms Lei Cabaltica for your wonderful support and genuine care towards moms and kids) and not to mention, really creative too. This is just one of the things they do, which I am sure the other baby care brands do not do (or if the others do this now, they probably imitated Tiny Buds) personalised gift baskets, to show they're not just out there to promote their awesome, recognised products, but to also show how much they care... 
So where do I even begin to rave about my Godric Matthew, who I fondly call Theo or Matty? It's no secret that I am very expressive with my overflowing love for him. In fact, I enjoy every moment with him, be it on a zip line, a penny board (my son is into extreme sports), soccer and what not. I cry deep down when he doesn't like to read or go to school (sigh, boys will be boys), but I have come to embrace that this is what being a Mother is all about... being able to accept that the greatest part of your being is someone very different from you. Let me walk back to the the precious times, before he became such a great bundle of energy... he was my wee baby, my tiny bundle of joy...  
He used to have skin allergies and even eczema on his scalp and face back when he was less than a year old. That's when I learned that I must always stick to natural and hypoallergenic products such as Tiny Buds to properly care for his skin. For when his delicate skin breaks out, I totally break down and go berserk a la Godzilla... like my boy right here... 
 He's so active and loves to explore! He likes to be involved even with my affairs. Matty even goes to my office sometimes and plays with whatever he can find! And I know that his skin can be allergic to a few things. But with wonderful goodies like Tiny Buds, I've got his skin covered! 
My Matty may not know a lot about the products I use to nurture him physically, but I am glad that he is starting to learn more about Tiny Buds as a brand, and is starting to consciously appreciate it too. Whenever we are out playing and he knows it's time to apply powder on his back, he says, "Tiny Buds" instead of asking me to apply powder. LOL. And here was the very special time, particularly at one of the Summit Media events I've emceed where I got to feel so loved by Tiny Buds... a personalised brand bucket for me and the speakers of the Good Housekeeping Mommy Bloggers' Workshop! We love Tiny Buds!  
He couldn't wait to use and play with his tub of Tiny Buds treats... until today, this adorable Tiny Buds giraffe plushy is his security blanket at night... but mine? It is of course no less than Tiny Buds when it comes to protecting his smooth and delicate skin! 
With Tiny Buds as one of our partners, Mommies, we can surely face this wonderful journey called 'Motherhood' with confidence and joy! Keep making happy memories with your little ones, for while they won't be TINY forever, they are our BUDS for life! Thanks, Tiny Buds Baby for being part of many moms and babies' lives, especially ours... 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Exceeding my vision as I host for EPSON not just once but twice! Yes, it's EPSON for life!

Let's Get it on with EPSON has been my usual battle cry. For the past two years, I had been so blessed to be their master of ceremony for their annual business reviews and awards nights. This year, I have been doubly blessed as I was able to emcee for not just one, but two big recognition and business reviews, something which I will forever cherish and look forward to doing for the coming years. A big, big thank you to Sir Jeff Marasigan who first believed in me, and then to the rest of his team mates who allowed me to grow with them and celebrate their years of success! Let me begin with Moving Up Together, which was held at the Isla Ballroom of Shangri-la Hotel... my was it one unforgettably exquisite night! 
The ballroom was packed! Surely, this year saw to more guests than past two years' annual business review and awards night events...
There were so many sweet treats that night... check out these wonderful, dainty, bite-sized pastries: madeleines and cheesecakes bites... if I wasn't hosting that night I would've eaten more! Truly yummy and made extra special for they were personalized... no, more like EPSONalized or EPSONified! 
View my video below as I shared an anecdote that evening. I continue to live out one of my dreams as an events host... all thanks to brands who trust me, just like the world-renowned brand, EPSON. Thank you!
And a week before Moving Up Together with EPSON (where I had my hair straight and my clothes the color of the EPSON brand), I also had the honor of hosting for EPSON, but this time for the consumer division led by Ms. Theresa Tuazon Javalera. This time it was held at the hottest club in town: Revel at the Palace, Uptown BGC! The perfect venue for the hottest brand in the market! Is this hot or too cool!?!
Isn't it obvious that I had so much fun? Speaking as we celebrated business success and strong relationships...  and then enjoying phenomenal music and vibes after... yes, right after our memorable programme, we partied the Epson way! 
 I love EPSON Philippines forever... of course, here I am doing the ceremonial 'stand beside the banner for branding' pose! Thank you and more power to EPSON! 
Thank you Ms. Theresa for the astounding confidence in me! I enjoyed this fantastic night of excellence! Again, thank you Sir Jeff for all your support! To everyone, please do not forget to visit  and click on the Official Website of EPSON Philippines today!
To end, I think the real question is (and I asked myself this too)... do you think I should have my hair straight or wavy? Appreciate your comments and e-mails all the time! 
Much love, 
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fun with Skipper and a million more reasons why I love Giant Carrier!

Skipper and I have always had a very special connection since I first met him at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair which I am blessed emcee annually. Now, I can say that Skipper and my good friends from CLC Marketing Ventures are truly close to my heart; superb people who are also behind the most excellent baby essentials, GIANT CARRIER, and furniture that truly make Home Sweet Home, HOME SUITE!
Photo above: Giant Carrier's SKIPPERTASTIC Intergalactic Game! 
And I was able to embrace the love and support of Skipper and our generous friends from Giant Carrier and Home Suite through one of the few events I organised and truly close to my heart: Galactic Mission 7! Photo below was after the Skipper-tastic Intergalactic Game, with the awesome Giant Carrier team still hard at work! More than giving balloons, they were distributing smiles and happy memories! 
Held last May 29, 2016, this event served as a venue for me and my mommy friends to speak about our passions and causes, and most of all it became a celebration of my son's 7th birthday too (the third time for him to celebrate his 7th year of life and love). He brings me so much joy and strength... precious photo below features the beautiful daughters of Mommy Blogger & Mompreneur Chai Castro Galapon of and Mommy Blogger Jaimie Felix of Look at those beautiful smiles! 
Can't help but fall for these awesome DIY booth elements at the Giant Carrier and Home Suites Galactic Mission 7 event booth! Such awe-inspiring effort! So, are you Team R2-D2 (Team Home Suite) or Team BB-8 (Giant Carrier)? I am certainly both! Because they have something for both the babies & kids and the adults!  
Check out the Stormtroopers in their cool Giant Carrier wheels! These are First Order Stormtroopers in first class Baby & Children products! 
Many thanks to Giant Carrier for all the love and support along with your tremendous effort during the #GalacticMission7 ! For more information about Giant Carrier, Home Suite and their sister brands, visit the website of CLC Marketing Ventures today: 
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Chef Jo-ann Tuazon's Sweet Creations by Mums: More than just sweet treats and fun memories!

I will forever be thankful to Sweet Creations by Mums, led by the delightfully talented Chef Jo-Ann Tuazon, for taking part in one of the most special events in our lives: Galactic Mission 7, which  was something I conceptualized and planned for one whole year or so! This phenomenal event served as the venue for my blogger friends and I to speak about our passions, and most of all, it was also the third celebration of the 7th birthday party of my pride and joy; my beloved son, Godric Matthew! Check out our lovely cupcake stack during the event... 
If you loved the packaging above, you will certainly fall in love with the actual cupcakes! Star Wars pastries at its finest... Can you spot Han Solo and Chewbacca's Millenium Falcon, and Anakin Skywalker's creation turned into Luke Skywalker's trusty droid C3-PO? So yummy and moist! 
Sweet Creations by Mums' work is truly the finest I have ever seen! I have tried many other cakes, cupcakes, cake pops or buffet stations and while the designs were great, the taste would be so-so; while some others would taste really good but would not be so artfully presented. But not Chef Jo-ann Tuazon's creations: they taste as wonderful as the look! The hard part is actually eating them, for you'd want to stare at them all day! But when you start eating them, you can never get enough! This is the cupcake one of the kids poke through, good thing I got to snap one photo... before that cute kid devoured this in a few seconds! Darth Vader has never been this good!!!
The best part was I was able to save just 2 pieces and stored it at the fridge overnight. And look - the quality of the cupcake is still awesome as ever, and the taste as good as the one piece I've tried during our actual bloggers event! This made me smile: chewy Chewbacca! 
I've also ruffled up Master Yoda's icing the next day, but look at how well-formed the Fondant Yoda design remains...  Yoda man, Chef Jo-ann! Truly a remarkable edible work of art! I love Master Yoda by the way... his strength and his wisdom... his legendary words like, "When you look at the dark side, careful you must be, for the dark side looks back..." and I can certainly see this dark, creamy chocolate icing and this dark brown, super moist brown chocolate cupcake looking back at me...
To anyone who requires cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pops, dessert buffets and for all your sweet needs for upcoming events or parties, please inquire via the Facebook page of SCBM and don't forget to LIKE them too; just click the link below. You will also be seeing Chef Jo-ann there, and if there's one thing prettier than her cupcakes, it's her! Physical beauty with pure talent and a generous, kind heart.. that's Chef Jo-ann and her beauty shines through her work! Visit the official page of Sweet Creations By Mums today:  
But that's not all; I've also grabbed some of my fave photos from their Facebook page and I just need to share just how delightfully creative her masterpieces are... my top faves are her Disney Pixar's Inside Out & Star Wars fondant figures atop yummy cupcakes!
Queen Amidala, Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker... 
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