Saturday, April 30, 2016

Summer's hottest events: UST Unending Race, Takbo Tomasino and the TXTFIRE Olympics 2016!

Summer's the hottest it has ever been and I don't just mean the temperature! It's been a whirlwind of events and there was this one weekend where I had five events... I still wonder now how I mustered to squeeze in all of those! Plus, there's a ton of pending events to blog about, so I am doing my posts two events in one go; so now I begin with the UST Fun Run, entitled, "Takbo Tomasino," with a 4 am call time, but it was the coolest, swiftest event and it ran fast as the Tomasian participants! 
Excuse the terrible 4 am "I woke up like this" look. It was so early, it was still so dark! Below in my usual nerdy self. Anyway I am bound to get sweaty under the heat, with my spiels as sweat spills... 
 Thank you my beloved JC (extreme left) for enlisting me for this event. We're both from different universities (I will forever be grateful to DLSU Manila, Animo La Salle!) but we are glad to work with the Thomasians. Thanks to Dorothy too, number 1 events lady (her shirt says it too). And to this guy on my right in the photo, I don't know who you are and why you joined our photo but it's all good; Congratulations to UST for the successful Unending Race: Takbo Tomasino 2016! 
And it was on this same day that I quickly showered and changed for OOTD # 2, as I got ready to host for another one of TXTFIRE Olympics' fantastically fiery events! I am thankful to be working with these awesome guys since the first event I had with them sometime in 2011 - for the first ever TXTFIRE Olympics and wow, they are now on their 6th year! But more than that, I am thankful for each and everyone of these volunteer firefighters, for whom this tilt is being organized. 
Fashion Ins-FIRE-ation. Now, for my OOTD # 2 I'd like to all this, FIRE INSFIRED! Don't you think that lower part of this dress is reminiscent of dancing flames? With an ash black top and of course a hint of purple around the waist, with this uber 'Ube' sash in honour of Mr. Ube, Gerry Chua, founder of Eng Bee Tin and the kind-hearted visionary behind this all... Reading the flow of the program; we don't usually go by the script; we are as free to move as the flames... 
With our trusty Kuya Neal, who's been our floor director and guide since the very first TXTFIRE Olympics in 2011... Here he is giving directions to Joyce and I... in my fire-inspired dress and my co-host Joyce in her Minnie-culously cute outfit; as our DJ West looks on as photo bomber. LOL.
Mabuhay ang mga tunay na bayani: ang bumberong Pilipino! 
As to be expected, this event was scorching hot, but we kept our cool... talk about the coolest co-hosts, this year I get to team up with professional stand-up comedienne, Jelly Joyce with with comedian-singer extraordinaire, Noel! And let's not forget our talented DJ West!
The TXTFIRE Squad. We provided the voices and sounds in this meaningful affair and we are so thankful for the chance to do so! Brilliant and funny people to work with made things easy under the blazing sun; everything was perfect on set... and speaking of set, check out this breathtaking sunset...
And as no matter how hot the sun blazes, it gives way to night. I'd like to share that no matter how hard I work, I always look forward to coming home to (or in this case, being fetched by) the reason for all my intense hard work... this young lad, my greatest joy. He respects and admires the fire fighters, especially with how we witnessed firsthand a fire within our village! And the best part? He got to check out one of the many fire trucks surrounding the TXTFIRE OLYMPICS grounds. Cool! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oh Boy! Hosting for Bailey May's fabulous Singin' and Love Yourself's Cherry Poppin'!

BAILEY brings the house down... literally! Tons of his fans gathered as he fired the stage with his Justin Bieber but better cuteness! I admit I did get giddy too at some point, but then, he is young enough to be my son, if I had given birth at 15 years old - yes that's how old I already am!!! 
But then again, sorry Bailey, but for me, your dad is the true Superstar! I've learned from Bailey's Manager, Tita Ming, that Bailey's Dad had been a singer for about 20 years and he had been the one pushing to have a singing career. But when Tita Ming saw Bailey who is not just talented but very handsome (for me he is the Justin Bieber of the Philippines), and so here he is now! But again, if not for the father's passion for singing and his relentless pursuit of his dream, God chose to reward him through the success of his son. Way to go, Mr. May! Here am I with Bailey's supportive daddy...
Now, since this post is really about boys... well, here comes my adventure with... well... (takes a deep breath)... boys who are born physically male, but truly girls and women at heart. I had the honour of being the main host of Love Yourself Foundation's wild Auction, where we saw to over 20 handsome men being auctioned off, for Charity. Basically, Love Yourself Organization is devoted to AIDS Awareness, firstly working hard toward disseminating information through various Education and Prevention campaigns. But what I find most noble about them is that apart from the preventive efforts they take, they also offer free counselling and HIV Testing for those who, sadly have contracted or might have contracted the virus. For me the best way to prevent HIV/AIDS would still be abstinence from sexual intercourse (especially polygamous, unsafe trysts) as guided by the Catholic Church is still the best, but since everyone is free to make their own choices, Love Yourself Foundation equips many individuals on the various repercussions of practices that lead to HIV/AIDS. 
I was the main host and Auctioneer of this affair (yes never in my wildest dreams did I see myself ending up here for this naughty event for a cause), but I shared the stage with Janlie and Jabbar! On the left in photo above is the very sexy Janlie, he/she looks so sexy! And below is Jabbar, and he/she was so wonderful too! Don't we look cute in our Cherry Poppin' selfie poses and our matching Cherry red outfits?
Lipstick went beyond my upper lip. But I swear I didn't kiss anyone. At least no one there (no gay man) would want to kiss me... #ScandalousButNotReally The house was packed! Can't believe these are all gay men. So now I know where all the eligible bachelors went! SIGH... 
And this night totally changed my perception toward people who are Gay or Homosexual and it harks me back to the words of our beloved Pope Francis, "Who am I to judge?" When asked about his take on homosexuality. The much-loved Pontiff further explains his remark, that truly touched me, about how Mercy is real, and is the first attribute of our loving God. He basically affirms that no matter what sexual preference, as long as he seeks out the Lord just as any person, they should not be denigrated and simply branded as "sinful." 
This handsome guy/girl/gay here was SOLD for a whopping 80,000.00 pesos; it was the longest bid and the highest for the evening! He is a vet student and he's so in demand... you can vet on it!
And while Cherry Poppin' is an event that is far from divine, with strong sexual undertones and quite scandalous elements for those who understand, this crazy event actually has very noble underpinnings which I laud them for. I must admit that the hight of this charity auction was intoxicating; bright lights, male bodies almost naked, practically selling them for charity. Of course I cannot post some of my photos, but trust me, it was just one night of craziness, and touching the abs of gay men, I promise, this is for a good cause. And even if I was surrounded by all those men, I felt so safe like what they said when I arrived few minutes before the show as I came from another gig and I had to change my dress, "get naked, we don't care, we're gay, we like men." LOL. 
In spite of the craziness, what blossomed is my respect and appreciation toward other people especially them; I hope this is part of my growing sense of gravitating more toward others and less of myself firstly through understanding. 
Spread the Love around! The right kind of Love ok (and not the worldly kind)... God's Love... the kind that gently tells us that no matter what mistakes we had made yesterday, we know that we can always make things right today and tomorrow... and that we also remind those who forget this fact, with love, respect and mercy. Thank you, Love Yourself Foundation and Direk Paolo for this crazy gig, which I can say did not just open my eyes, but also my heart. 
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Making a splash and hosting the first-ever Cosmo Summer Party at the Palace Pool Club!

Oh I am still absolutely giddy whenever I look back at the first-ever Cosmopolitan Summer Party, which I had the huge honour of being the emcee of! Apart from the really handsome Cosmo hunks, there were tons of awesome freebies, really wonderful people, and loads and loads of pink tones and good vibes!  
One of the boys? Well, more like the VOICE of the party... 
It was such a laid back affair, mostly I mingled with the rest of the guests checking out the sponsors' booths to play games and vote for the hunks, but I had to help turn up the sizzle when it came to games which were a tad naughty... okay, extremely naughty! Well, we Cosmo girls would love to enjoy once in a while! 
I would like to thank the entire editorial team of Cosmopolitan Philippines, check out these gorgeous people in the photo above, and let us not forget the awesome Summit events team, especially JC, Kaye and Nikki, I failed to have a photo with these busy bees, I mean busy babes, but check out this awesome event photo! Thank you, Summit Media events team for trusting me to host your fabulous events! 
I will always be thankful for the outpour of blessings which enrich me in so many ways! Can't wait to post my other events soon, especially the ones with Summit Media and its awesome brands! Here is my video during one of the many many crazy sexy games... 
And here is a very short video clip of me doing my voice-overs leading up to the highlights of the event, especially the sizzling sexy games and promos!
And this video... LOL my friend just accidentally clicked this perhaps... this few-second video captures me always never before I seize the stage... 
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Hop aboard our Guamforgettable and Guamazing Journey...

Prelude: Check out this cool video at the Slingshot in Tamuning Guam... which I never tried for I was too much of a coward while my son dauntlessly hopped on and tried it... so much for being a good and protective mother...
For a change, I now take breather from writing about my endless event host gigs which I am always thankful and excited about. Let me write about my recent journey to unforgettable Guam. I have so many un-posted hosting adventures (one was a wild kick-off summer party with Cosmopolitan magazine at the Palace Pool Club and an even wilder male bidding charity event led by Love Yourself AIDS awareness foundation) but let's save those for another post soon as I find the time. Let me walk back to my mesmerising trip to Guam USA! Check out my smug little stowaway who managed to join my trip after praying, crying and demanding that he comes along five hours before my flight...
Funny though as everyone at work and my family knew that it was a soul searching and writing sojourn; just myself to pray and write, and keep writing during the Holy Week, especially as Saint Pedro Calungsod, in whose honor the Chapel I serve for was named after, died in Tamuning Guam and that's what I had wanted to connect to deeply. I was supposed to go alone but my mom insisted that my brother joins since we knew nobody here, unlike in LA where we have a ton of friends. So here I was with my brother and my son's leg - we decided to rent a car from the hotel, and it gave us mobility and freedom to explore any time that we wanted. I would suggest those visiting Guam do the same too, and book via their hotels to avail a big discount. Philippine driver's license accepted! I am sporting my Chamorro sun-kissed look, and my brother-slash-driver, his typical sunburnt look... 
So as my story goes, it was supposedly just my brother and me, but then my cheeky little boy did not allow me to go if he wasn't going to go, and being the putty in his hands, I booked him a ticket last minute and by God's grace, only paid about two thousand pesos higher than the tickets I purchased for my brother and I. And the rest of the trip was all about him! Here we were at Two Lovers Point...
This was his moving-up gift and pre-birthday gift too, and I don't regret bringing him along last minute (even with my friends chiding me how I can never say No to him). Whenever I look about last month's trip, my heart brims with joy as even if what i intended to spend the week writing, relaxing and praying, I still got to do so, but only in different circumstances (I took a different form of prayer - bonding with my delighted son, teaching him about God's endless glory, in this new beautiful place, and I did get to write, on the airplane and when we are not at Chuck E. Cheese's). But yes, we were always at Chuck E. Cheese's! 
And you guessed it... the next day we were back again at good ole Chuck E's! But the food was really good; I'd have to agree with my son who said that theirs was the best pizza we've ever tasted!  
Plus, we had to visit Underwaterworld in Tamuning Guam, too. All my aquarium photos were terrible (It was just sad how I couldn't take a decent photo of the humongous sea turtle, the stingrays, the sharks and all the strange fish due to bad lighting), so this one would have to do... can you say Shark-tastic?!? 
We also had a date with his most favorite character of all time.. Darth Vader! I don't know if I ought to be scared or if I should be fine with his fascination with the dark side... no matter how many times I convince him that he's a Jedi knight padawan... he corrects me and says that he's a Sith! I guess that's how it is when you are Sith years old (6 y/o)!
And of course, before we returned our rented vehicle, we needed to gas up! Everything was a fun learning experience for my boy...
Hope you liked the few tips and highlights of our incredible, incredible time in Guam, which I will forever be thankful for. Can't wait to fly out again, to take a well-deserved vacation somewhere new and nice, but for now, I am simply thankful for the chance to work and excel within my various passions, with enough blessings to keep my contented, but with God's promises clearer than ever, to keep me in hopeful and faithful yearning. I thus close with these beautiful words from St. Augustine, and may my friends and family who ask why I never stop working understand... that I take so much pride and derive so much joy in all of my activities, as I try to get things right with Christ. Certainly dwelling on my past mistakes; can't wait for the fruits of the Spirit to manifest in my life. Focused on my own journey more than ever. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Diamonds are forever: Celebrating HGS-Aetna's 10 year partnership and beyond

It's been a while since my last post; I've been experiencing so much blessings; growth in my day job, and an ever-exciting weekend and evenings as an events host (Read: fully booked for the entire summer, this weekend, I even had to let go of three other hosting offers, huhuhu) and something tells me, it will be one busy season too, even after the summertime! Plus, I have gotten to organize a few parties, too! Sure, I don't have the luxury of rest but getting to do what I love, and especially for the people I love and respect makes all the hard work worth it! Exciting times up ahead; I can't and won't slow down. 
 This Diamond Night was held at the Crimson Hotel Alabang... and I had a blast walking on the red carpet as with the members of the organisation... we were all meant to shine bright like Diamonds that night... this was what it was all about! 
So here I am in one of the previous months' events, where I had the honor and the pleasure of hosting for such a beautiful gala, aptly entitled, "A diamond night: The HGS-Aetna 10th anniversary celebration. This memorable affair is a toast to the decade-long partnership of the country's first-ever BPO Company, Hinduja Global Solutions, and their client, AETNA. I am just so proud because HGS is the first-ever call center to set up shop here in the Philippines! 
Thank you so much HGS-Aetna and Sixth Sense IMS for your trust! 
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