Sunday, December 20, 2015

Lalaloving Day 2 of Lalaloopsy's Spectacular Meet & Greet Party!

And I am back once more for another Sew Magical and Sew Cute post account about my Lala-dorable, Lala-lovable and Lala-rriffic Meet & Greet party at Lalaloopsy land! For Day 2, I just cannot help but go lala over my Lalaloopsy land outfit for the show which I am so glad to come up with - thanks to old stuff in my closet and of course, the trendy outfits on my Lalaloopsy dolls which inspired me to make this look as Twist E. Twirl, made out of love and red licorice...
This day proved to be bigger and better and the place was just jampacked with Lalaloopsy lovers who trooped in Robinsons Galleria to see our Lala-lovely buddies Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie once more for we all can't get enough of these two! Our event started with a fun Lala-loopsy Movie; to watch this fun Lalaloopsy movie plus my show opening, please follow this link below: 
There were so many sweet treats that day, but for me the sweetest was finally meeting the beautiful Ms. Melissa Costales in person! Thanks Ms. Mel and Sir Joseph for the sweetest treat ever! What a pleasant surprise! Check out my awesome dolls below! I am in Lala-love with them! 
 The place was packed! Check out our gang at Galleria who came to see Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie dance and give away a ton of prizes.. and while you are at it, spot me in my red top and white bonnet too, if you can... 
Thank you so much, Bankee Trading Corporation and Robinsons Galleria for hosting this memorable  Meet & Greet party! I am so happy to be part of this. All the kids (myself included) will never forget this day! So much Lala-love!
Lots of Lala-love to everyone! Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again for Day # 3 of the Lalaloopsiest party ever! Have a Lalaloopsy, Lala-Merry Christmas! Please click on my other sites below too... 
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