Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Revenant: A beautiful take on allegiance, survival and retribution

As what is to be expected in a movie top-billed by the timeless Leonardo DiCaprio (who may have considerably aged but in whose eyes you'll still find the heartthrob from Titanic and from the Man in the Iron Mask) The Revenant, 20th Century Fox's latest hit blew me away with poignant and brutally enthralling scenes that still, all in all, make for an epic artistic rendition of life's often cruel realities. 
Based on Michael Punke's work, The Revenant is an immersive, Western-set film about the journey of Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) as he encounters one tragedy after another. After an attack, Hugh finds himself face to face with death who pursued him relentlessly, throwing on tragedy after another. He survives physical death, but walking through far more painful, recurring demise that somewhat fortifies his will to live further each time his physical self gets the best of death. Forgive me for spoiling the film slightly, but apart from the gruesome challenges, the movie boasted of heart, with the elements of Glass's character, who was married to a native-American. But then it took a turn for the worst again as alongside Glass, a helpless, dying father could only look on as his beloved son, Hawk, was murdered. For me, that scene was a bit too much to bear. And speaking of 'Bear,' I especially loved the scene with that grizzly bear mauling Glass (not because I am violent) but because if my mom didn't shake me to remind me that it was just a movie, I would have wept for Leo right then and there. The cinematographic experience is just amazing, even more realistic than how I perceive reality! 
It wasn't just DiCaprio and Tom Hardy's reunion that reminded me the movie Inception (which they both starred in), but also its hauntingly intriguing closing scene with Glass - after coming on top of the endless tragedies that had unraveled before him, finally finds peace as he sees his wife once more. This is, at least, my interpretation, that he finally finds peace after serving justice. And it had to take a bear to basically tear him up physically - in order for him to weave together all the brokenness around him. 
Indeed, The Revenant beautifully sculpts out an unexpected treasure after enduring grave, gripping tribulation. See this movie to understand why it's been nominated for several awards! 
To end, it is interesting to note that the word "REVENANT" is derived from the French term 'Revenir' which pertains to one who returns after a to return from a long absence or supposed death. Certainly, this movie will make you come alive!