Monday, March 19, 2018

One SMEGtacular time with the finest kitchen range from Italy!

Meet Chef Xander Tanco, the uber talented kitchen legend behind Bizu! See my happy, smug smile as I made a masterpiece of a Pizza? That is not just a smug smile; it is a proudly SMEG smile as my events emceeing / hosting gigs land me another unforgettable time as SMEG Kitchen Appliances celebrates their 10th year anniversary with an intimate get together with one of their top clients, Rockwell Land! Here below with the handsome president of SMEG, Mr. Concepcion and the very lovely marketing ladies... 
Here I was during the raffle draw doing what I do best, and that is hosting... but thanks to this event, I also found my passion (and possibly a talent waiting to explode, LOL) in the kitchen! I already hear my siblings disagreeing now, each time I say that I am talented in the kitchen... 
I can still hear my siblings screaming, "just stick to doing events, hosting and writing..." LOL. Anyway, thanks to SMEG, the guests and I got to make our very own pizzas by simply piling in as much ingredients as we want on the really cute dough that Chef Xander prepared for all of us. Yes, the dough was amazingly cute and squishy... I cannot describe it in any other way. I was in love with the soft, squishy dough! I couldn't let it dough... please dough not judge me!!! They say you must follow your heart and dough what you loved and I realized I found a new love in cooking too! 
And now, here's my video clip encouraging guests to check the products out...
But now comes the fun part... catch me in action! Dough not miss this video! 
As you can see in the video below I can dough this all day long... 
And thanks to my sister who came to support and take photos, here are a few funny snaps, my behind the scenes photos, the type only your sis can capture... with the wonderful President... 
And he caught me! It was such a funny moment! The food was just too good! 
Lastly, while the kitchen range and most especially the amazing SMEG oven was the focus of the event, I'd also like to share too how FABULOUS their fridges are... I mean, take a look at these photos. Also, I look different and without makeup yet as these snaps were taken way before the actual event (yes before I got my hair and make up done)... how fashionable and chic are these? I dream of owning one of these someday... soon! 
Thanks for dropping by and I hope you felt just as SMEGtacular as I did to be part of this SMEGmorable and SMEGciting event! Visit my Facebook and Youtube pages related to my hosting gigs as well by clicking on these links below:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Stylish and Sweet at the launch of Viking Beds of Sweden with Daniel Matsunaga

Viking is King. The Vikings may no longer be sailing to world to terrorise nations, but they are 'alive' as ever, but this time to conquer the world of slumber! Vikings Philippines launches its array of premium Swedish beds that spell style, comfort and luxury... 
 And what a good way to hold a media tete-a-tete than by introducing one of the hottest Brazilian models in the Philippines, Daniel Matsunaga as the face of the brand! Before the event, here are some backstage pre-program craziness... feeling myself and feeling these exquisite beds... very premium in terms of pricing, but definitely worth every single peso... 
 I can't stop posing with these beds! But of course it's showtime; can't just lay around all day and fall asleep. But one cannot help but fall in love with these sexy Swedish beds... 
 See, Even Daniel could not resist taking some sultry poses on these beds... he is definitely the best endorser for Viking Beds of Sweden!
 Check out the set-up of our event, where I will interview not just one but three handsome men who will share about the glory of the Viking... Beds!  
 Sharing the intimate stage with Mr. Dexter Go, Magnus Soderberg and of course, Brapanese model but with a 100% Filipino heart, Mister Daniel Matsunaga...

And before the event came to an end and of course, to top off this post, let me first take a selfie with the muito bonitao Brazilian-Japanese endorser of this glorious Swedish bed brand now conquering the Philippines, Daniel Matsunaga! 
Hope you liked reading about my adventure with the "Vikings"... Ciao for now! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bold and beautiful: leading the launch of Caracole Philippines' flagship showroom

This is among, if not the most elegant event I have ever been to, so far where timeless, classic home pieces dive into modern sensibilities. Every corner of this showroom exuded sophistication; the Caracole Philippines flagship store is a glimpse of my dream home! 

It was such an honour to be the master of ceremonies during the lavish launch of the Caracole Philippines showroom held - and rightly so - at the Greenbelt mall. More than the loyal clients of Dexterton Corporation, this was truly an exquisite event with no less than powerhouse couple, 2/5 of the sensational #TEAMKramer, Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer. 
Once again, thank you very much to Dexterton Corporation! 
Photos above about my wonderful chat with the two gorgeous marketing managers of Caracole in North America and Kazahkstan. Below, the Caracole-Dexteron family during the grand unveiling: 
Caracole doesn't just boast of fabulous furniture pieces but also gorgeous managers who can truly pass as beauty queens! This lovely lady handles Asia markets and she is from Kazakhstan: 
Meet Luiza, this beauty queen of a marketing manager I also interviewed. She handles North American markets... she's Brazilian; I like her so much most especially as Brazilians are close to my heart now... 
And of course, the beautiful and sweet Chesca Garcia-Kramer... 
Above: my smug smile. Below is a photo before the grand unveiling... without a tinge of doubt, this is the finest furniture showroom of all!
And the best part was that my little special someone got to tag along... 
 Backstage: after the show, we also made a handsome little friend!
Presenting Ms. Brazil, Ms. Philippines and Ms. Kazakhstan! And the winner is... Caracole! 
   My heart is twice as happy when my not-so-little-one is happy... 
Hope you liked reading about my Caracole adventure... Ciao for now! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Say wow and take a bow... as we open Miniso SM Cubao!

I am just (mini)so happy once again as I obtain the honor of serving as master of ceremonies for Miniso Philippines' debutante store, Miniso SM Cubao! And to mark this special milestone of unveiling their 18th store, Miniso invited no less than the talented Ms. Julie Ann San Jose and her rumored beau, Ben Alves... how cute are these love birds? 
My turn to pose by the entrance of their breathtaking 18th store! 
This time, posing with brand manager, Andrew Ybardolaza and these two lovely models. 
And I won't forget to pose with the owners of Miniso Philippines, of course! 
So I got to reconnect with my adorable Japanese cousins and beloved auntie Mylene (my mom's sister), which is quite timely as I've been so blessed recently to be able to emcee for a handful of Miniso Store inaugural ceremonies. While dreaming of the day that I finally get to visit Japan, I would revel on my Miniso hosting gigs for now... Arigatougozaimasu, Miniso Philippines for letting me be the emcee of your debutante - the irbreathtaking 18th - store here in the Philippines in no less than SM Cubao! Feel my happiness that very special Saturday through this video below...
I've since then developed the habit of calling little boys their names plus the word 'Kun' (like Godric Kun) and then when it comes to little girls you add "Chan" to their names (such as Rila Chan, to address my little cousin) as adding "Chan" or "Kun" is a term of endearment for the young ones close to you.
To end, I could not let the day pass without shopping. Here I was relaxing at home and enjoying my latest favorite fashion grab from Miniso... 
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cleaning up my act as I turn Dirty Thirty!

So... this post about me reaching 'Dirty Thirty' had been in the 'drafts' section until one year after, now that I am turning 31 already! Wow, time really flies by so fast, so these were the magical moments I spent with my son at the City of Dreams in celebration of me reaching the dreaded three oh! We looked like Smurfs, who could make really yummy gingerbread men! These poor gingerbread men were devoured in two bites! 
If only my little buddy boy here and I can simply have fun and play all day! Nah, I need to work harder for my dreams and for my son's future; and my beloved boy needs to study hard to be like Megamind!
Thank you, Lord for all of my blessings! For the ability to afford an overnight stay at City of Dreams and an unforgettable time at Dreamplay! Also for supporting us and once in a while allowing us to savor the finest things that life has to offer!
Happy Birthday to me! This young man is the greatest gift I have ever received from God, and I pray that he also cherishes my presence in his life as one of his most meaningful gifts too... 
And here's a throwback to about two or three years ago, when I also checked into a hotel to celebrate my birthday, with the same love of my life, only smaller and much lighter and the same goes for me as well...
I will soon be 31, and I pray that life continues to be kind and wonderful, allow me to be a step closer to my dreams and most of all, equip me to help my son achieve the bright future that he deserves! But for now, let us all click on below for more of my hosting adventures!
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