Friday, February 16, 2018

Say wow and take a bow... as we open Miniso SM Cubao!

I am just (mini)so happy once again as I obtain the honor of serving as master of ceremonies for Miniso Philippines' debutante store, Miniso SM Cubao! And to mark this special milestone of unveiling their 18th store, Miniso invited no less than the talented Ms. Julie Ann San Jose and her rumored beau, Ben Alves... how cute are these love birds? 
My turn to pose by the entrance of their breathtaking 18th store! 
This time, posing with brand manager, Andrew Ybardolaza and these two lovely models. 
And I won't forget to pose with the owners of Miniso Philippines, of course! 
So I got to reconnect with my adorable Japanese cousins and beloved auntie Mylene (my mom's sister), which is quite timely as I've been so blessed recently to be able to emcee for a handful of Miniso Store inaugural ceremonies. While dreaming of the day that I finally get to visit Japan, I would revel on my Miniso hosting gigs for now... Arigatougozaimasu, Miniso Philippines for letting me be the emcee of your debutante - the irbreathtaking 18th - store here in the Philippines in no less than SM Cubao! Feel my happiness that very special Saturday through this video below...
I've since then developed the habit of calling little boys their names plus the word 'Kun' (like Godric Kun) and then when it comes to little girls you add "Chan" to their names (such as Rila Chan, to address my little cousin) as adding "Chan" or "Kun" is a term of endearment for the young ones close to you.
To end, I could not let the day pass without shopping. Here I was relaxing at home and enjoying my latest favorite fashion grab from Miniso... 
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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cleaning up my act as I turn Dirty Thirty!

So... this post about me reaching 'Dirty Thirty' had been in the 'drafts' section until one year after, now that I am turning 31 already! Wow, time really flies by so fast, so these were the magical moments I spent with my son at the City of Dreams in celebration of me reaching the dreaded three oh! We looked like Smurfs, who could make really yummy gingerbread men! These poor gingerbread men were devoured in two bites! 
If only my little buddy boy here and I can simply have fun and play all day! Nah, I need to work harder for my dreams and for my son's future; and my beloved boy needs to study hard to be like Megamind!
Thank you, Lord for all of my blessings! For the ability to afford an overnight stay at City of Dreams and an unforgettable time at Dreamplay! Also for supporting us and once in a while allowing us to savor the finest things that life has to offer!
Happy Birthday to me! This young man is the greatest gift I have ever received from God, and I pray that he also cherishes my presence in his life as one of his most meaningful gifts too... 
And here's a throwback to about two or three years ago, when I also checked into a hotel to celebrate my birthday, with the same love of my life, only smaller and much lighter and the same goes for me as well...
I will soon be 31, and I pray that life continues to be kind and wonderful, allow me to be a step closer to my dreams and most of all, equip me to help my son achieve the bright future that he deserves! But for now, let us all click on below for more of my hosting adventures!
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Friday, September 8, 2017

Ready, G.E. go!

 So blessed to host the annual dinner and dance, the annual thanksgiving gala of one of the most esteemed companies in the world, G.E. (General Electric) here in the Philippines!
I loved its eccentric, avant-garde theme, reminiscent of pop superstars Lady Gaga and Sia! Or, the Hunger Games cast could very well fit into this theme's party too... 
And here are some more amateur video clips of me hosting this unforgettable night!
I hope I looked eccentric enough, LOL. Well my hairdo surely did! 
Lastly, here's my opening video... Cheers! 
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Ready to party as I hosted the Shopkins Season 7 Join the Party event!

Here I was in my bright pink-and-electric-blue-element as I invited everyone to "Join the Party" in celebration of the launch of Shopkins Season 7!
Below is one of my videos hosting during the fun games... check out the crowd! Jam-packed with Shopkinatics like me!
And here is another clip of this memorable party... watch! 
And... another! This time, this clip, shows me doing my voice-overs... third video clip in a row, you guessed it, we forgot to take photos; only videos, LOL. (Insert embarrassed li'l monkey Emoji here)
I just loved this party! Don't you feel the energy? Thank you Shopkin for having me, giving me an excuse to come up in my Shopkins best... you know, brightly colored outfits, crazy accessories, icy bright blue highlights and my cutesy pink high tea head band... the works! 
Hooray! Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog today, and catching a glimpse of this memorable Shopkins party I hosted! Have a Shopkintastic day ahead! 
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Chase away the sadness and chill at Sweet Madness!

It was the best Sunday ever! One of my best friends and our kiddos discovered this wonderful place in the Eastside of Manila, Sweet Madness Cafe and Kitchen! For starters, check out my yummy drink, the kind that truly warms the heart, the tummy and even gives a feast for the eyes... look at that awesome latte art on my mocha latte... 
 Spiderman would love that mocha latte art design for sure! And I just had to put this salted caramel cake on my face. Seconds after I took this photo, the cake is history. It was so good; I loved the soft chiffon cake underneath all this salted caramel delight! 
 See those yummy pretzels, chocolate wafer sticks, kitkat fingers, creme, chocolate cookie crumbs and the devilish milk chocolate drizzle? It is just madness! Pure... splendid... amazing... crazy... chocolatey Sweet Madness!!! 
I absolutely loved how the love of my life, my sweet Matty enjoyed everything about Sweet Madness Cafe x Kitchen! He doesn't like girly stuff, but he did not mind this teddy bear lounge at all! Apart from the great food, we all loved the ambiance. Sweet Madness Cafe x Kitchen in Taytay Rizal is Truly the best hangout for the whole family. Bring your best friends and work buddies along, too! 
And below is Mackey, one of my son's official BFFs... they both enjoyed the lasagna and the smoothies... My Matty got strawberries and cream, and here's Mackey enjoying the cookies and cream smoothie in a very cute container... 
And since I loved the latte art so much, here it is again... but trust me, it tastes far better than it looks... 
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The night I hosted for a gold mine of beauties: The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant!

The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
Exhilarated! This was exactly how I felt with the buzz going to and from Bansud, Oriental Mindoro and going back to Manila again for my other commitments! I was very tired and I lacked sleep altogether, but this was one priceless experience; truly one for the books! 
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
Meet Max. This dapper dude right here is Max Closa, events host extraordinaire and my gentleman-partner for this memorable night. Our rapport onstage was as though we've been hosting together for a while, when it's our first time to meet each other! And, it was also my first time to be in Bansud, Mindoro, but he made me feel right at home...  
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
 It was one stormy, rainy evening, but nothing can stop the grandest, most breathtaking show that the entire Mindoro, not just people of Bansud look forward to. I would like to thank Mayor Angel Saulong and BJ Saulong for inviting me! Unfortunately I don't have photos with them (actually I wasn't able to take any pro photos) I only got this snap, with the Vice Mayor of Mindoro above... 
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
 And of course, I needed to interview one of the judges of the evening, the very handsome and brilliant Arthur Saulong, perhaps the future Mayor of Bansud Mindoro? 
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
 I loved this night... felt like a beauty queen myself too, just for one night! And the best part? The Question and Answer portion! With one of the lovely candidates below, looking all pensive as a tough question was being asked by one of the judges of the pageant... 
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
Move over, Victoria's Secret Angels! These beauties paraded in amazing costumes too that spoke of the trade and traditions of Bansud, Mindoro! I am going bananas with this particular look... yes, Bansud is a HUGE producer of different kinds of bananas... 
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
So blessed I was to spend one scintillating night with the most beautiful ladies from Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, as the co-emcee for Miss Teen Bansud 2017! It was so glamorous at every turn! I had first dibs on the crown, the Q&A, the list goes on! Photos below are a bit hazy, but each moment of that fabulous night is crystal clear to me!
The Miss Teen Bansud Mindoro pageant mary-the-host
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cast me when I call: welcome to the SM Kids Fashion casting call!

Welcome to the SM Kids Fashion mary-the-host
It's not everyday you get to walk on the runway. That's reserved for the supermodels and beauty queens. But I'd say that I've carved out my own runway, as a professional events host. And the events most special to me are certainly the ones where I can bring along my sweet blessing, Matty! 
Welcome to the SM Kids Fashion mary-the-host
Okay, so this is not my usual post about myself hosting and the people I've met during my hosting gig... this is more about this boy, this time... hmm... how's that for a first timer? Check out my son's model pose above... and below, he does the 'dab' move, because he's really, really shy and well, also feeling cheeky at the same time! 
Welcome to the SM Kids Fashion mary-the-host
And I also wasn't able to take much photos and videos as I was quite busy that weekend... but thanks so much to photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Rogine Rogelio for sharing his awesome photos with me! Now, to cap this blog post about this extra special adventure, I would like to caption the photo below this with just two words, "My Strength."
Welcome to the SM Kids Fashion mary-the-host
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