Monday, July 25, 2016

Every mom's a superstar at the Starworld Loves Moms event!

So glad to have hosted another terrific event where moms were the stars of the show: The Starworld loves Moms event, held at the Central Plaza of my most favourite lifestyle place, Eastwood City! Catch a glimpse of my energy and excitement in the video below: 
Again, this was another big event I am so blessed to handle, and I was just blown away with the many exciting events and prizes for all those who came! Trust me, no one walked away empty-handed for upon registration, every mom will be given a rose instantly! 
 Just like this beautiful, beaming mom guest right here, she already got a ton of gifts, and she also joins me onstage for she gets to win a special prize during the raffle. This spectacular event for moms brimmed with a ton of game and raffle draws!
Always love working with this events team. On my right in photo below is Don Palafox whom I have known since about 2012... working with a good events team (they must be concerned, smart and snappy, not just there for the money) for an event as huge (and stressful) as this is a must!
More lovely moms at the runway show! How I wish I could have sashayed down this Mum-way Runway with my very own little boy! But nope, I gotta focus on my role as the emcee / events host... 
 Truly spectacular at every turn, I would like to express my utmost thanks to Starworld and the amazing Mith Manila events group along with Eastwood Mall for this memorable Mum-event! I walked away truly enriched in the facets of my life that matter the most...  
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hosting the most colortastic event of the year: Sky Life Color Explosion 2016!

Color me crazy. Until now I am crazy thankful about the awesome chance of hosting the much-awaited Sky Life Color Explosion, now on its second year! But first, my usual super hyper opening spiels up on my Youtube channel, where clients can usually refer to for bookings and to actually reference my past works and see me in action: 
And my other video below, doing pre-event spiels and voice-overs: 
The most Color-rific event ever. Yes, this was 2016 most vibrant event ever and the Sky Life Color Explosion is now on Year 2, bigger and more successful this year too! I would say over a thousand guest were in attendance, all of them coming to color their lives with the fun, games and awesome learning experiences during this color-tastic event! 
Sky's the limit. So thankful for the truly phenomenal events that Sky Life / Sky Cable assigns me. I totally loved the whole Parisienne street artist get up, with red shoes for a pop of color! I loved dressing up for this event as much as I loved every bit hosting for it! 
Had a chat with our artsy pals too who led the workshops for the moms! Yes this wasn't just a treat for the kids, but also for the rest of the family members especially the lovely moms!
It's like swimming in a sea of color... 
 Check out the snaps above about the amazing number of people who took a splash in the wide ocean of color... below, we award the brilliant young artists who participated in and excelled in the art contest... 
Do you spot the artist who is most special to me? The one who brings so much color and joy to my life... So much to share about this one, but let me save that for another post. And here he is below, offering me his favorite refreshing drink, yummy Ice Blended from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! 
With Jasper Tiongson from Disney who is also an awesome events host! 
 Don't you just love his balloon hat! The performers who did this were amazing. Such a shame that I wasn't able to take a video of them dancing, performing while making really awesome twisted balloon creations! Hats off to the amazing guys of TECTONIX, the dancing balloon show! 
My life is full of colour, and I am forever thankful! I would say that I wear royal purple for my day job, as a corporate manager, blaring bright pink for my hosting gigs, warm green as a mom (for that's my son's favourite colour, and the colour of my alma mater, De La Salle University). How about you, what colours do you fill your life with? 
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M.U.M.S. the word! Hosting Good Housekeeping's Modern Urban Moms of Manila (M.U.M.S) event at the SM Mall of Asia!

Mums the word... or are our Moms our world? Yes, God for Moms, and the people who stand as Mothers for other people. Nurturing, patient and kind, but at the same time, moms can be fierce too when it comes to protecting their young. And I am simply proud to be a mum, and about my love, fascination and adoration for my son? I can never be mum! 
Another thing that gives me pride and joy is my craft as an events host. I get to make new friends, learn a lot, improve myself and just have a reason to pampers myself and pretty myself up a bit. As usual, thanks to Summit Media events for trusting me with their many awesome shows, especially this one!
Video above is Part 1 of my "Man on the Street" segment, where I as the program host went around all the awesome booths for homemakers and super moms and interacted with the concessionaires, guests and partners! I surely had so much fun. And part 2 is seen below: 
Lastly, Part 3 video below. Can you tell that I had too much fun? Everyone else in attendance did too! 
Reunited with old friends. So happy to work again with the people I've also worked with for some campaigns in the past, just like the talented and award-winning hairstyling guru, Ara Fernando who led a segment on beauty, hair and makeup! Below with Chef Roselle Miranda, Yummy magazine's food editor and in-house celebrity chef! 
Photo above with my Giant Carrier and Home Suite family. More about them by clicking the link to my previous blog post: I love Giant Carrier !
And let us not forget another favorite of mine, TINY BUDS Natural Baby Products! Here I am below with the lovely brand manager, Ms. Lorina Tan along with their award-winning and truly wonderful products! Find out why moms and babies absolutely love Tiny Buds, by browsing and shopping at I dare all you Super Moms to #SwitchToNatural! You won't regret it, and your most precious gifts - your little ones, will love you more for it! 
Now, my part-time work for that day, mopping the events floor in between spiels, with my tongue out, mind you. LOL, thanks to my cheeky friend Liz for capturing this crazy snap!
So many super moms and dads came that day! I guess it's safe to say this event was a success! I apologize to my Summit Media family for coming a few minutes prior to the event starting, causing them to have a slight panic attack... But see, I am making up for it - cleaning up the sponsors booth. Thanks for all my past and future Summit Media gigs! 
And another video below, thanks again to my super blogger friend, Liz, for capturing and sending this to me: 
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Lala-mazing afternoon hosting another Lala-lovely Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet Party!

So happy to put on my bright scarlet wig and wiggle and dance for another Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet party, as part of the Robinsons Malls' Character Festival 2016! Yes, so glad was I to once more be little Miss Twist E' Twirls of Lalaloopsy Land! Good times! 
This is another gig I got under the Robinsons Malls Character Festival 2016 campaign, and before I tell you more about my Lalaloopsy Land Adventure, I would first like to share my glee that the best part about the Robinsons Character Festival was that my lovely younger sister too got to host a few of her own events under this awesome festival! Please visit Miss Natalie's blog by clicking the links that follow below: 
Isn't she lovely? I dub her, Ms. Pikachu 2016! Here is my sister Nate, a budding weekend events host and blogger along with our childhood buddy and former neighbor, Nico, with of course, cute and sweet Pikachu! We can never get enough of this Pokemon! 
Yes as I try to be a good big sister, I managed to actually help my sister find hosting gigs (she has a superb speaking voice too, and quite a mesmerising onstage presence to boot). And apart from her hosting gigs, she also blogs! Her blog showcases three categories representing the main umbrella of her passions: EVENTS, FOOD and TRAVEL. Please keep visiting her blog site at 
Now going back to me and my adventures in Lalaloopsy Land, below are a few of my video clips, sharing stories and smiles with the kids: 
Plus more snaps follow below... Here I am with my Lalaloopsy buddies, Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie! 
 Tons of stories to tell when you're in Lalaloopsy Land! 
And the best part after was the Toys R Us shopping right after! Every moment here was made with Magic and Love... 
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Very happy to host the Meet & Greet party for Sylvanian Families!

I am just so happy to finally emcee a Sylvanian Families party! I've always marvelled at just how cute these toys are! Part of the Robinsons Malls Character Festival 2016, is this awesome meet and greet spectacular featuring Chocolate Rabbit and Walnut Squirrel! All of the kids (and yours truly, for I am a kid-at-heart) had a blast and even gladly lined up for two rounds of this meet and greet! 
This was defi-NUT-ly a fun day, meeting Walnut Squirrel who came and giggled along with Chocolate Rabbit Mummy! So sad I wasn't able to take a lot of photos, but I can truly say that I had tons of fun and excitement during this special Sylvanian day! 
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the wings of love: Hosting the special night of #Jidine2016

A big, big thank you to my beloved Global Visions Events family for once again trusting me, this time for another inspiring wedding celebration... for the memorable night of #Jidine2016 ! 
 Congratulations to this good-looking couple, Jiro and Nadine! Stay happy & in love!
Oh to be young and in love... that's the magical story of Jiro and Nadine, or together, #Jidine who shares one smart and handsome young boy already, Nicolo, and who humbly shared the ups and downs of their young romance, and finally be able to walk the aisle this memorable day... But their love story is only for them to tell, but as for me, let me share with you the breathtaking setting where this wondrous wedding was set all thanks to superb events group, Global Visions Events! 
I am not the only one taking selfies before the grand ceremony... everyone fell in love with this glorious scenery in Batangas, overlooking the Taal Volcano! Loved how I got to come in a laid-back dress and majorly chill sandals as I led the festivities! 
Truly amazing personalized wedding styling... Every facet of the event area was perfect! Down to the smallest of details... Truly glad to see all the love and beauty in this very special night... 
 Doing my thing... sadly, no video taken this night, but I certainly had fun and was simply honored to be part of this solemn ceremony... Again, the styling by GVE was just divine!
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Emceeing for Smart Parenting Philippines' All About Toddlers Workshop!

Getting ready for my cup of tea... so thankful to be part of this highly-attended Smart Parenting Mom Workshops, with our theme, All About Toddlers! Please press the PLAY button below to check out my video clip below as I hosted this phenomenal mom-affair: 
It surely was an exciting and enriching day... we had an amazing lineup of speakers, from nutrition experts, career gurus, beauty & wellness speakers and even an awesome and entertaining book author - storyteller! It was such a multi-faceted activity... 
Everyone went home happy and inspired! With a ton of loot to mention, too! As in most of my events, it was a meeting of friends old and new... 
And of course, the lovely Ms. Berns Lazo and Ms. Aiza Amadar, two of the wonderful people representing one of my favourite brands as a mom and frustrated-interior-designer-wannabe (give me a few years and I will get there...) Giant Carrier for my son, the one brand I love and trust - super affordable, functional and stylish... then for my home of course, HOME SUITE, My Choice, no less! I am in love with my comfy Bunny Easy Chair! Relaxes me and helps me write better. I also love curling up in it during rainy days as a I watch a nice movie on my laptop! 
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A blast hosting for Summit Media's first ever Mommy Bloggers Workshop!

Again my heart brims with joy and gratitude for the many opportunities to live out my passion as an events host, meet wonderful people and learn in the process! Thanks, Good Housekeeping Philippines for yet another thrilling experience! This was held at the Eastwood Richmonde Hotel... 
I got to be master of ceremonies for Good Housekeeping Magazine's first-ever Mommy Bloggers Workshop, and did I learn so much and have so much fun! And of course, to keep our ceremonies alive, I just had to keep those corny jokes crackin' along... (hey I continue to book hosting gigs thanks to my crazy jokes)... here's a video if you please... 
And of course, a snap with the lovely mommy bloggers in attendance... 
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