Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mad about Max: Mary's Movie Review

I loved everything about Warner Brothers Philippines’ latest blockbuster hit, MAX. The movie tugs at your heart the way your sweet puppy dog tugs on your pants to ask you to play or cuddle. It had all of the quintessential elements in a movie that the entire family could enjoy: tear-jerking patriotic scenes, traditional family moments, heart-pumping unlikely-hero action and the excitement of young love. 
Thank you very much Mr. Francis Soliven (President of Warner Brothers) for the premier night passes, and the bowwowriffic sweet treats like this doggy-treat-shaped cookie:
True to its title, it was about this smart and adorable war dog, Max, a Malinois Shepherd who helped the U.S Marines in Afghanistan. Max and his handler, Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell) had a tight relationship and it was Max who knew first that Kyle’s death was no accident when they were ambushed; he died in the hands of a traitor – his own best friend who was actually involved in smuggling of arms. Reluctantly, the bereaved Wincott family took Max home with them not knowing that this is the start of thrilling adventures between Max and his new master, Justin (Josh Wiggins), the younger brother of Kyle.

The movie dealt with issues about trust, family bond and true friendship. I loved how tight the Wincott family was, and by family, this includes Max. How they loved, protected and put their trust in each other’s hands. That even in the face of peril, they knew that they could rely on each other. I especially loved how these values were played out with the youthful action scenes by Justin and his friends – taking down the weapon syndicate and the corrupt police officials, with nothing but their study bikes, hearts full of grit and goodness, and of course, a U.S. Marines trained dog!

Everything was just so heart-warming, as I write this now and relived the scenes; I am still gripped by the breathtaking stunts as Justin and his friends moved to save his father, and also the struggle of Max as he battled two other vicious dogs and those vile gunmen with his wit and heart, and of course interminable loyalty to the Wincott family. Most of all, the movie spoke about how the truth eventually comes out and favors the faithful, and how there will always be struggle, but our values and family will always help us through. It is a splendid ride – love, values and excitement that you and your family must not miss!

Photo below is our own little MAX... Her name is Sasha, a sweet mini pinscher who may not be able to fight the bad guys, but she can certainly fight our blues away...  

- Marylaine Louise Viernes