Monday, April 21, 2014

A spectacle of colors and fun at the Cirque Du Bebe by Mothercare!

To this day, I still smile from the fun activities, the knowledge I've gained from expert speakers and best of all, the wild shopping spree I enjoyed at the Cirque Du Bebe: The Baby and Kids Fair! This event was truly one of a kind and while this is the first time for Mothercare, along with their other world-class brands for kids (and us, kids-at-heart) to mount it, it was certainly a success! I also look forward to the usual Mothercare Baby & Me Club Activities - fun sessions for parents and kids - in the months to come. 

Come one, come all! And so did a lot of moms, kids and their happy parents! So many amazing finds - your favorite brands at much lower prices - all in one roof! Plus, tons of learning sessions as well. Below shows me interviewing a doctor on the benefits of cordblood banking. 

My day wouldn't be complete without Truman the Rabbit! Oh, and everyday is Easter by the way - there's always a cause to celebrate, thanks to our beloved Philips AVENT Mascot, Truman the bunny rabbit! 

And Truman invited me over to the Philips AVENT booth, and look what I saw, more circus folk to cheer up my day (and take my migraines away!) All our beloved Circus pals really put smiles in every face there, both young and old! 
With my Philips AVENT family. Another reason to smile! I have been working with these amazing, efficient, funny and kind (oh, and sometimes crazy) ladies since I had my son back in 2009. And it's been one amazing journey, and I am certain we'll have more fun AVENT-ures together!  

This made my day. Popcorn and cotton candy galore - and my son was first in line! I love Godric Matthew - my everything! His cheeks alone is like sweet cotton candy to me. Here he is DEVOURING cotton candy using both hands! 

My son's smiles are far sweeter than any cotton candy to me! 

Moms I love. Above shows me with the beautiful Ms. Ais Vagilidad, a social media mom who also loves being part of fun, empowering activities! I would like to congratulate her for her new business, Little Miss Captain Burgers and Patties! Creating a waves in tons of parties for kids! Soon at my son's party too. And below is the fabulous mom of two, the lovely Ms. Mariel Bartolome, the brand manager of Mothercare! She put this fantastic event together, and she did so well, obviously taking inspiration from what appeals to her own precious kids!  She wears so many hats, and does so beautifully... Great job, Mommy Mariel! Oh and I got the pleasure of meeting her handsome son below...  

To end, I would like to thank Mothercare and Philips AVENT for letting me be part of this wonderful AVENT-ure. Sometimes, being a MOM is like a circus - you have to juggle so many things, you need to bend your back like an acrobat (working by day then playing with your kid at night). You need to be a clown at times - put up a brave, happy front for your little ones, even if behind that smiling mask, you feel sadness and fear too. Oftentimes you'd feel you're always on stage, in the spotlight, the world looking at you but you try to focus on that one beautiful small face that matters to you. You feel like going through rings of fire to get things done, to accept sacrifices for your family. Then next you find yourself walking a tightrope, with all the things you have to take extra care on, realizing that one misstep will not just affect you, but the little ones that mean the world to you. 

But while Motherhood is like an everyday Circus. It's one amazing spectacle I would love to star in, every single day. With my little ringmaster by my side, traveling the world with me, one experience at a time. My boy thinks that my presence makes him feel that everything is okay, when in fact... it's really him who makes me feel that everything is okay...