Monday, December 14, 2015

Lots of LA-LA-Love this Christmas at the Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet Party

Welcome to my loopsy-loving recount of the memorable first day of my red-citing adventure as Twist E. Twirls, your Lala-loud and proud Lalaloopsy emcee for this year's biggest and sweetest dream come true: the grand Lalaloopsy Meet & Greet Parties at Robinsons Malls! Glimpse some action during this doll-lala-lightful (delightful) event here:
Lala-lots of Lala-love and Lala-mazing memories to last a Lala-lifetime!
I Lala-Love my job! Not only do I get to speak my mind, make kids happy, but I also get to dress up and rock red hair with matching red pointy tippy toes! Thank you for letting me be Twist E. Twirls!
So here we were at the Lala-riffic Day # 1 held at the Robinsons Midtown Atrium in Robinsons Place Manila where the sweetest little girls and even adorable little boys came to dance, pose and enjoy with Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie who came to life and also gave life to every little dreamer that day! 
 This lucky young lady here below got to win some of our huge Lala-loopsy dolls - such awesome prizes up for grabs on this lala-lovely first Meet & Greet party day! Check our her big lala-lovely smile!
 Love you Peanut Big Top! Peanut and I share one thing in common - we are both clumsy and crazy! She was born on April Fools' Day... And to my other sweetie, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, since you're not here - please know that I lala-love you too! Loved dancing with my lala-dorable buddies here at Robinsons Manila... I mean, at Lalaloopsy Land! 
OK... so I admit it - I must have had more fun than the kids did! Thank you, Lalaloopsy for letting me be who I am - a kid at heart! Thank you so much to the beautiful Ms. Melissa Costales, Sir Richard and Sir Joseph and to the rest of the awesome members of Bankee Trading Corporation for your faith in me! Big big thanks too to the marketing team of Robinsons led by Ms. Izza Wong and Ms. Carla Tolentino! And lastly, to my new buddies Kuya Kryz and team - it was lala-light and lala-mazingly easy working with you guys! 
Please come back again for I will soon be sharing about our Day 2 & 3 Lala-adventures too! 
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