Tuesday, April 17, 2018

All it takes is confidence and a great PersonaliTEE to conquer the SM Kids fashion runway!

Mister Personality, you're so ugly! When I hear the word "Personality," this song immediately crops up in my brain, from a song back in the 90's. But at today's event, we proved that you can have a great personality but still look great! As long as you have your own smashing personaliTEE! 
Here's my voice over video; watch my doin' the fashion cattle call:
This is the "Oh, I am missing one hand pose..." LOL! 
Now a snap with these smart, beautiful and creative kids. Can you believe that they designed their own Tees? How cool is that?!?
Here's a look back before the frenzy started! The red carpet where the kids modelled for the funky shirts that they designed themselves... sweet! 
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