Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm not Kidding when it comes to my Kidneys!

Just a month ago or so, I was a pill-popping, instant-remedy medicine-chomping career girl trying to be panicky and worried about everything when I should be seeing and taking care of the real concern: my health and well-being. 

So I decided that that I must take things slow, learn to relax and understand that my job will run even without my screaming my head off and stressing about things that take a while. And it helped so much that I had two events in one day (yes before another Barbie Pearl princess event), where I had the pleasure of working with Pocket Rocket and UNILAB BIOMEDIS, who have recently launched 

Life is Sweet at the SUSTAIN LIFE Suite! 

I am glad that while UNILAB may want to promote their kidney care products, Tacit and Renogen, they also took the right steps to SUSTAIN LIFE, through a fun, educational and interactive website, that serves as online resource bank for everything on kidney disease care and prevention but best of all, serve as an online support group, spearheading their advocacy on the education, prevention and treatment of kidney problems. Now I have learned to take things slow, especially with the medicine-popping! 

I just feel so honored emceeing for these respected kidney doctors (nephrologists) and it is both a humbling and empowering experience to learn with them. 

We even played fun games! These doctors know how to have fun too! 


Thank you, UNILAB BIOMEDIS for not just trusting me with your fabulous events, but also for helping me become aware of the things that matter, especially my utmost wealth! And that is - cliche as it may sound - my Health!