Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Go Team Hot Wheels!!!

I took on an entirely different CAR-acter with another dream of mine coming true - to host for Hot Wheels! Well, hosting the 2014 Hot Wheels Swap Meet wasn't just a dream come true for me, but also for my spunky little boy, Godric Matthew, who is a huge fan of Hot Wheels!

Finally, Mattel and Richprime Global (Love you guys!) gave me the chance to also emcee for Hot Wheels for the very first time. In the past, I have only been hosting their fabulous girly events such as Barbie, Monster High and Fisher Price!

But see, even little girls love Hot Wheels too! 

Here I am with my son (in the white shirt) and his new-found friends who all love to zoom with Hot Wheels! 

Here's some fun trivia about Hot Wheels: 

1. Hot Wheels are part of Mattel, the premier toy brand founded by Ruth & Elliot Handler in the 1940s. If Mattel just had the Hot Wheels division, it will still be the 5th largest toy company in the world. 

2. While Mattel also introduced Barbie to the world, did you know that the least favorite/ salable Hot Wheels cars are those in the color PINK? 

3. Spectraflame - this was the color scheme used during the earliest years of manufacturing Hot Wheels, to make them stand out against other die-cast cars such as Matchbox.