Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hosting is a Breeze with Good Housekeeping Magazine

I am totally thankful to Summit Media for their continued trust in me - I've emceed for their magazines such as Total Girl, Entrepreneur and Smart Parenting. This time, I got to emcee for the Good Housekeeping event, "GH Baon in a Breeze," held at the Robinsons Galleria event atrium. The event was attended by tons of guests, and of course our Good Housekeeping subscribers and our usual blogger-mommies and friends from the media. 
We played so many awesome games and gave our a ton of amazing prizes! And 5 lucky mommies even walked away with a one-year magazine subscription! Sweet!!! 
Top Photo: Excuse my nerdy look for the day. But I tried to balance it out with a nice dress; hope that you still liked my dress from please visit their website for the hottest, sexiest clothing trends! And of course, thank you so much to the awesome Summit Media events team; it is always wonderful to work with you! So excited for our next activities; what a great way to welcome September - looking forward to all things amazing and enriching! lastly, below is one of our guests, Momma Blogger behind please check out her blog too! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Camp Master Mary says "We CAN and We WILL" (With Friso Four)

I just can't stop raving about the milk that even I am crazy four (for), yes you guessed that right, it's Friso Four! I will forever be thankful for being part of the 2015 Friso Fun Camp experience as its official campaign events host. And getting all those free cans of milk are a big help to me too! My son loves drinking it and so do I - with its delicious and refreshing taste, that even moms love! 
Believe it or not, whenever my son and I drink our Friso milk from our Friso CANS (which is another one of our many bonding activities), we know that we CAN do anything we put our hearts into! And for me, that includes hosting events, and I definitely loved hosting our recent FRISO FUN CAMP, this time at the Alabang Town Center! 
Here are some of my fun and quirky insights as host / camp master of Friso Four: 
1. Turn your "Can't s" into "Cans" and make sure that you have a Can of Friso Four too! Yes, we all can achieve our dreams. Like for me, hosting events has been one of my many big dreams, and I can very well remember how I prayed hard for this - the chance to enjoy what hosting gives me - good pay, pride and fun freebies and other fringe benefits! I remember all my efforts to be given the chance by people who at first didn't know what I was capable of neither did they believe in me. But getting one foot in is not even half of the job. It's staying here for as long as I can, and that is tempering my behaviour that means staying professional even when I feel tired, mad or hungry; and always being beyond my best (and always being pleasantly unpredictable at each event). Always reach out and ask for help you will never know who will be willing to help you and give you a chance. And lastly I always need milk energy each time I host for my non-stop excitement and "Mary-ment"(merriment). 
2. I can and I will! Yes I will never tire of saying how thankful I am to host so many events in a week! So many different facets of myself unravel. And while I struggle to balance my day job plus these awesome hosting jobs and of course my role as daughter, sister and mother I have now come to accommodate things that will help me remember, and take the necessary steps to achieve all my other dreams (you don't know the gazillion ideas burning and blazing through my mind each minute). My day job and workplace which are comprised of such awesome people - and of course my greater network of friends from my hosting jobs may be distractions from what I have always known to be my ultimate dream and role in this world - but practically speaking, I need these two as they enrich me (financially, emotionally, mentally) so it should just be a matter of really accommodating more time to work on the solid ideas in my mind into something I can grasp and share to the world. So hopeful for the future - for me and my son. It is as bright and clear as this crystal glass holding my son's Friso milk. Dreams and the struggle to achieve it will have to wait for it's time to tuck my son and kiss him good night. Plus, this un-glam but awesome photo below from one of our many playground adventures! Excuse our  crazy faces.
- Marylaine Louise Viernes (Click Me)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sharing my True Colors at the Inside Out Party and Movie Premiere

I am still buzzing from the awesome "Express Yourself" party and parenting workshop presented by SM Cinema, Snack Time and the top parenting magazine - Smart Parenting by Summit Media! This unforgettable family party was the exciting prelude to the premiere screening of Inside Out, Disney Pixar's much-anticipated movie! 
Part 1: Sharing My True Colors
Mesmerised was I to walk into such a gleeful affair which brimmed of so much Joy and Love!  I am so thankful to emcee this parenting workshop that brimmed with tons of informative activities and freebies! Our speakers for the day were Chef Roselle Miranda, Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, and of course the creative mind behind Color Me Doodle, Mark Dean Lim! As usual I was in my element; more than just being a passionate host, I too am a parent - an honor  and blessing that is life-changing; extremely humbling yet empowering at the same time. I had so much fun learning with Smart Parents - all who strive to give their children the best childhood possible. And I am certain that thanks to SM Cinema, Snack Time and Smart Parenting, this memorable experience will go a long way in the hearts of all the kids (including mine) as the bond between parent and child grows stronger! Thank you so much to the wonderful SM Cinema team (led by their gorgeous, smart and sweet PR Head, Ms. Stephanie Henares who also shared some of their photos for my blog), and of course, my Summit Media family! Check out these parents and kids! We even had actress & glam mom, Ms. Gladys Reyes present! 
PINOY PRIDE: Filipino Ronaldo De Carmen co-directed Inside Out with Peter Docter and naturally, the film received critical praise for its concept and moving on story on family, which were successfully presented in an entertaining and easily understandable manner. Sorry for sounding so redundant but I feel honored and blessed beyond words to be part of this affair! 
Kids loving their balloons from Krispy Kreme and their loud, happy screams! 
Part 2: My Movie Rave-view for INSIDE OUT:
The movie made me understand so much not just a mom, but most of all, as a woman. So many times, like Riley - I have let ANGER steer me and this resulted to mistakes and regrets that I continue to work on this day. The movie is about more than just the voices in our heads. It truly reaches to the depths of our hearts. I won't spoil it for you; all I can say is that you'll love it!
I don't know, I guess it's the little girl inside me that cried when Riley's imaginary friend, Bingbong that adorable pink, fluffy cotton candy hybrid of sorts gave way to the more important emotions as Riley matured. I guess that is how it is - letting go is so beautifully painful. But in letting go can we only find growth beyond wonder. Here I am below with JOY and ANGER - two of the main characters of this really, really amazing animated movie!  
You won't regret anticipating the movie so much. Every scene was perfect. More than just a movie it was an experience. Kudos to my friends who bought their tickets in advance! To those who'd like to learn more about Inside Out and of course the many amazing promos of SM Cinema, please click this link to visit the Official Website of SM CinemaThanks for dropping by. Enjoy the movie!
- Marylaine Louise Viernes

The best VACATION you'll ever take (A Movie Review)

Where do I even begin? Don't expect me to share something profound about the latest hit movie presented by Warner Bros Philippines: VACATION. This movie truly caught me off guard; from the awesome scene with Keegan Michael Key I lost my brakes and just kept on rolling with laughter until the end of the movie!  
VACATION is a remake of the hit “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” a classic comedy that my mom also loved when it was shown back in 1983, with Chevy Chase as the original Griswold dad. To my mom’s delight, Chevy Chase makes a cameo but this time, his son, Rusty is all grown up, leading his own family through sidesplitting misadventures. 
The movie is top billed by Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Gisondo and Steele Stebbins and they make up the idiosyncratic Griswold family. The movie also boasts of a remarkable list of superstars as part of the supporting cast and the most notable would probably be Chris Hemsworth (Thor of the Avengers) but it was Norman Reedus (Daryl of Walking Dead fame) that solicited the loudest “ooohs” from the crowd with his enigmatic charm (though that thing in his truck still haunts me ‘til today).
Chris Hemsworth has never been this THORriffic. I stared only at his nice hairstyle. I promise, that is all that I stared at, LOL! This part here was downright crazy. Crazy funny. You need to see this movie!!! 
It was quirky, raunchy and downright mirthful and I promise you it will drive your blues away! It may not be a ride for the entire family as the movie is strictly R-18, but for adults like you, watch it! All I can say is that I haven’t laughed like that in years!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A SPY-tacular Movie Review for The Man from U.N.C.L.E

Warner Brothers' latest blockbuster, The Man from U.N.C.L.E was one awesome ride! Its tongue in cheek and yet high-octane humour, it got me gripping my seat in excitement and laughter. Plus, with its fantastic set design (based on the 1960s spy series of the same title) and even more fantastically cast characters, the girls along my aisle - and myself - as if on cue, would swoon over Henry Cavill (maybe 'coz we won't forget that he was the hottest Superman ever and until now I wonder how anyone can have such a chiseled, perfectly manly face) and also Armie Hamer who did quite grow on me too with his charming, bright-eyed Jude Law vibe.

Napoleon Solo (Cavill), an ex-criminal turned super spy from the US (CIA Agent), and his forced and unlikely partner that won't let him run 'Solo', Ilya Kuryakin, super spy from the Russian Soviet Union! Together, they try to battle criminal elements that vow to make the end of the world closer - following the disappearance of the weapon's creator. And if you think two's company (or a crowd when you come from competing groups), think again for they are joined by Gaby (Alicia Vikander),  the daughter of the missing scientist for a triple dose of hotness. 

My favorite part (and the part I can relate to) was when Solo played WAZE to Gaby in an exhilarating ride, clutching his old-school map, fleeing death in the craziest manner! I surely would't mind trading the Waze App on my phone for Henry Cavill and his old school map minus the gunshots! Make sure that you catch this film - a classic indeed - classic dose of laughter and thrill! 
Another favorite scene - and my friends from the LGBT community almost rejoiced to - but it is not what you think. Watch the movie and see it for yourself! 
Lastly, to those wondering, U.N.C.L.E. stands for United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. It's something you and your family - especially the uncles - will enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Masquerade and Memories: Richprime Global's 35th Anniversary Celebration

I have so much to be thankful for as I look back to one of my most recent hosting gigs - for Richprime Global Inc. the largest toy distributor in the Philippines, with their flagship brands being Mattel's world-famous Barbie, Hot Wheels, Monster High and Fisherprice! 
I was so honored to co-emcee with Jess Villamor as we donned our best ball attires! Let me talk about the magic and the happiness through my fabulous snaps! Also, more photos at my latest site, thanks to my good friend at Marylaine Viernes, Events Host (E-Portfolio)
And of course, much love and thanks to Ms. Delby Bragais, creator of the beautiful golden Princess Barbie gown I wore that night. I have also started reading her book which she so kindly autographed as well, "The Purple Pig wears Red Lipstick." She is one of the country's top designers and one of the most respected elite group of image consultants. Be it planning your dream wedding, fashion advice or your way to a much-needed makeover, she is just a phone call away! Click this to visit her website: Delby Bragais, AICI CIP
- Marylaine Louise L Viernes

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Movie Review: Fantastic Four

I was really blown away by 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers Philippines’ latest film: the reboot of the Fantastic Four Franchise, kicking off with an origins theme. 

I appreciated the real-life situations of how sometimes, the best of intentions can turn into the most gruesome mistake, and also on the upside, and how the seemingly most tragic occurrences turn out to our advantage. Heartrendingly was the story of friendship between Ben and Reed, saw its eventual rut when an excited Reed coaxed Ben to join their verboten expedition which ended up in turning Ben into a monster and a killing machine as “The Thing.” I mean, everyone else got to keep their original forms, with a few irregularities they were eventually able to control, which then became their super powers. I can only imagine how Ben felt when he was unable to shift to his original form and worst - his best friend went into hiding after promising help, making one think that there are those who make it and those who pay the price to make things happen. I guess it is with coming into terms with life and who we have become, which of course we will see with Ben – in the next instalments of Fantastic Four – is what will make us embrace our potential – even if we didn’t turn out (or we did) into what we wanted to be. So instead of focusing on the realities of life beautifully rendered in a timeless, iconic superhero film, bet you didn't know that... 
* In the original 1960’s comic books, friends Reed Richards and Ben Grimm served in the World War II. But in the movie, they were good friends whose friendship was built on love for science and mystery, with Reed taking the lead, as usual, while Ben cooly played sidekick. 
* Ms. Susan Storm eventually married Reed and they had a son named Franklin Benjamin Richards and a daughter named Valeria Richards. And what's cute about Valeria is she is younger, but then thanks to time travel, she gets to be big sister! 
* In the comics, the only members of the Fantastic Four who didn’t become part of the Avengers was Johnny Storm. But isn't quite ironic how in real life - the actor who originally played Johnny Storm, Chris Evans - has moved on to become on of the most famous avengers - Captain America? Hows that for doing the Avengers-shift in real life? 
Above: My very own superhero who loved the movie so much that everyday we play superhero trivia games.
- Marylaine Viernes 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Wheels of Fun: The Hot Wheels Convention 2015

I am so glad to have emceed for the two-day Hot Wheels Convention 2015! For the first day, we had an awesome auction activity along with the Die cast car collectors of the Philippines. It was so amazing and these car enthusiasts along with Hot Wheels lovers (in different sizes and ages) came to bid for their dream Hot Wheel Super T-Hunts to add to their collections! 
For the awesome Day 2, it was bigger and fiercer for we had the much-awaited grand prix: for my hosting video, please watch by clicking on my Youtube Channel:
And you won't believe it, but the Barbie girls came out on top of the day's two major tilts! Yes - two little girls beat the boys in their favorite game! Hundreds of Hot Wheelers came and this lady was declared 2015 Grand Prix Champion, next photo is of this other young girl who was the winner of the Hot Wheels Color Your Car Tilt. Don't they look so happy?!! 
Thank you for visiting! Here's to all of us who have to keep on driving; the road may be long, winding, scary and dark at times. But as long as God is with us, driving us in His path, then we know that we will arrive to our beautiful destination. Success, joy and prosperity beyond our hopes and dreams. For more pics of this fun event for the whole family, please visit my other hosting portal: 
All thanks to my very longtime friend and budding E-ntrepreur (specialist in website building and e-commerce) and I will be introducing her soon! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes