Thursday, October 8, 2015

The TURTLE-y Awesome Day 2 of the TMNT Turtle Up Party!

Videos Up, Turtle Up! Please click the links below for my videos; thank you! 
I am TURTLE-y (totally) thankful to be this year's April O'Neal for Nickelodeon's TMNT Turtle Up Party! I enjoyed dressing up in my ninja-inspired outfit with the yellow signature-April kimono-sash-accent as much as I loved hosting every bit of it! April rules this month of October!!! 
IT'S MY LOCK-Y DAY. Yep, I survived the The Laser Lockdown, one of the event's awesome features, a TMNT-inspired game arena where you must ninja-move your way without hitting the laser beams otherwise the laser slices your limbs off and won't get an awesome turtle mask prize! 
Here's the totally tubular Laser Lockdown team! 
DONATELL me that you don't love DONATELLO! Because he has always been my favorite turtle back then and until now! With my hair, I get to channel my beloved genius and whiz of a ninja turtle! Like him I am a nerd, and gosh I can only wish that I was half as tech-savvy as he is! 
BOOYASHKA! Look at you, naughty Mikey... Ok, ok I like you too... but Raphael, with that stare doesn't seem to believe what I am saying... And the katana-wielding leader Leonardo here is business as usual and ready to fight!
Feel the Rat... I mean, Feel the Wrath of Master Splinter. Here is my favorite boy, who won back-to-back Best in Costume during the Kiddy Cosplay tilt... for Day 1, he came in as Raphael, wielding his double sai daggers and on day 2, he was none other than... the greatest of them all: Master Splinter!!! 
Here are the two other winners for the Cosplay segment... Leonardo and Michaelangelo! They are brothers in real life too... they were lean and green but certainly sweet, not mean! Way to go Turtles; Congratulations! Now, let's all grab some yummy pizza and celebrate!!! Totally shell-tastic dudes!
So you said I wasn't a Ninja? Here I am in my true Ninja Turtle form, but in the art of ninjitsu, I am more like April... with the microphone as my greatest weapon. Commanding the crowds. Watch out, Leonardo! I just might be the next leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Booyaskha!!! 
I cannot wait to live out my dream... and it involves going to Manhattan, New York! But for now, I will be helping in the fight against crime and will be striving to make the world a better place in my own li'l way, armed with the microphone as an events host and the pen, as a writer... Can't wait to see you New York.. and I come there not just to search for the Teenage M. Ninja Turtles and their hideout... but to someday soon, fulfil the greatest of my dreams...