Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hosting the Detail Makeover brand launch: A world-class brand that is proudly Filipino at heart!

Posing at the Cosmetix Unlimited photo wall for the Detail Makeover brand launch. Guess you can see just how delighted I am to be part of this pink-hilarating rock chic glam affair!  
But first of all, a rockin' shout-out to my lovely ate / sister from another mother, the gorgeous Ms. Hazel Andres for getting me in all of her stints! And of course, a big hug to the warm and beautiful brand manager of Detail Makeover, Ms. Monika Deveas who is a superb mommy blogger too! I also got to interview Monika below. as she shared the product history.
Until now I can't believe that I was given the honor of being the emcee for the press launch of this marvellous event attended by the most fashion-forward bloggers, members of the press and we had sexy models in the house too! So let us dive into more 'Details' of this pink hot affair... 
 Every detail was well put-together. I felt like a rockstar, totally! 
We all fell in love with the black and hot pink theme of the event! A bit of black, a bit of pink, because Detail Makeover is targeted to a very wide age range and across all gender preferences. Cool, huh?  
And now, the best part: the loot! Thank you for these pink-tastically hot goodies. I swear these are world-class; truly the best less the unreasonable costs! Oh, and please note that these artsy and glam photos below were taken by no less than my super sister, Natalie, so please visit her blog too at "Take it from Nate" Blog (www.takeitfromnate.wordpress.com)
Hot Pink and Black. Detail Makeover's packaging is simply exquisite and glamorous, truly at par with the quality of their amazingly world-class products and classy vibe, sure to bring out the rock star in you! 
PERFECTION IN A BOX. These are all the beauty tools you'll ever need. As you can see there are a ton of product selections, colors, hues and more to choose from, so get ready to go crazy beautiful, ladies! I have been using these products for a few of my events now and I am really so thankful not just for being given the chance to host the Detail Makeover brand launch, but to also actually be acquainted with these mesmerising beauty buys! 
Pucker up and kiss me. Don't these lippies make you just wanna pout and kiss? For me, kissing with these on won't work as the only love of my life, Godric Matthew won't allow me to kiss his cheeks or lips with lipstick on. But for my hosting jobs - these are perfect for my lips; they are matte, they stay on for hours and it simply gives me the confidence I need as an events host. These Detail Makeover lippies can certainly kiss your blues away, any day. Most of all, they come with a 'berry' yummy sweet scent too! 
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Happily hosted the launch of SM Cinema's Family Movie Day Program at SM Southmall!

Simply over the moon to emcee SM Cinema's latest campaign, a meaningful treat for families: the SM Cinema Family Movie Day! But first, please watch my opening video / booth visit clip:
The movie featured in this kick-off event, which was made in partnership with Crystal Sky films was no less than the classic tale of the puppet who became a boy, Pinocchio! So let me summarise this amazing family fun day with P.I.N.O.C.C.H.I.O:
P stands for Party and Prizes! Yes, we played a ton of heart-pumping games, and check out my videos below as I played with the awesome kids and kids-at-heart during this movie-riffic party. 
I is for Intense. Yes, every bit of it was amazing, especially the creative and inspiring art booths. But for me and my son Matthew, this was our hands-down fave: Check my athletic son out as he plays against the elements below. Wish I could have played this too! 
N is for New... so many new ideas from the booths, games and performances! Made a new friend too, now don't be so blue! 
Outrageous! Every part of this was exhilarating indeed! And it was slightly hot too, I was sweating for the place was beyond sardine-packed lol. But anyway it's all good, always bringing my A Game no matter how hot, tiring or stressful it may be... 
C ... is for Creativity and Color! Kudos to the amazing SM CINEMA Family Entertainment / Lifestyle / Leisure group for coming up with such a cool and colourful event! 
C ... Hmm this can mean cute.. cool or crazy... well, I guess it's all three! 
 H is Holistic - it was perfect for each member of the family - from the little ones all the way to the parents and even grand parents! Everyone surely had a grand time and I can very well speak for my family and friends who came to have fun too! Hooray for family movie day!
 I? I stands for Incredible. From start to finish! So stoked were we that we had the I-nergy to even go around, my boy in his roller blades after!
O is for Overly Grateful. Thank you so much, SM Cinema for this amazing experience! I  can't help but reminisce another exciting event I hosted for them; check out my previous blog post about that equally spectacular event and movie experience right here: Marylaine Viernes emcees SM Cinema's Express Yourself: Inside Out Movie Premiere Party! 
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P.S.: How cute are these green gummies? Check out these bear-y big and bear-y sweet snacks for me and my buddy, adding to our excitement and energy during this day-long movie adventure! Sugar high to the max!