Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My latest Philips AVENTure: Hosting 'The Joys & Challenges of Motherhood' Event

The most recent event I've emceed for Philips AVENT was entitled, "Today's Moms: The Joys and Challenges of Motherhood," held in partnership with Baby Company. And what a very apt title for my situation that day wherein there was absolutely no member of my family (not even my mom) available to play nanny for my son that day, that I had to bring him by myself to this event along with a truckload of gadgets to ensure he doesn't get bored while I serve as master of ceremony for the program. Yes, it was indeed a challenging day, but was I so joyful during and after the event, for my boy was very well-behaved; he was a joy to bring along! We (literally) rolled through the day gleefully!  
Skating AVENT-ure. A shout out of love and appreciation goes to my Philips AVENT / LJS Group family who've helped me skate gracefully through 7 years of being a mum! They have helped me in many ways both as a mom and as an events host! As I grow with my son, my love for Philips AVENT will grow too for they've been with us since the start. But below's photo shows me with eyes wide shut... praying and hoping that I can last this day without a nanny watching over my son consistently through this 3-hour hosting AVENT-ure! 
Yes, I cannot believe that it's now 7 wonderful years being a mother and it has been nothing less than rewarding and empowering! And the one brand that has been by my side all these years since I became a mom was Philips AVENT! I claim responsibility for coining the term, "AVENT-ure," and I've been using this word, AVENTURE in all my Philips engagements for this is what all this years has been... not just an exhilarating adventure, but an amazing Philips AVENT-ure! 
Promoting AVENT products comes naturally. While I no longer use all of the Philips AVENT products such as this natural line manual breast pump, I swear by these and still know the product features and benefits by heart. Not just because I host for them, but because I've actually used most if not all of the AVENT products; they are the best partner any mom can have, whether a newbie or a pro. In every chance I find, I proudly exclaim, "I am a Philips AVENT Mom!" 
But I am not the only proud AVENT mom. For not only has Philips AVENT nurtured my son and I; through Philips AVENT, I've made many good friends and the one I call my BFF is the beautiful, kind-hearted and talented Chef, Dang Adrias who is not just a celebrity chef and culinary brand endorser, but also a respected culinary arts teacher at MOST Institute, wonderful wife and mom of three! She's truly a person who inpires me and I look up to her for the many hats she wears apart from the toque. And most recently, she made my son's birthday cake and it was simply awesome! Will be blogging about that soon! I love you always and forever, my awe-inspiring and creative BFF, Chef Dang Adrias! 
 Photo above is with my son, Godric Matthew and Chef Dang's lovely baby girl, Andrea or simply Andi... she is as beautiful as mommy, and she's a gymnast too... watch out for Andi Adrias soon! Photo below shows me taking many more snaps with my BFF Chef Dang before the program started... can you spot my roller-boy son, Matthew in the photo below? 
And here I was with the rest of our three featured speakers for that day. Chef Dang of course taught the moms how to prepare fresh and healthy food for the little ones and the family... Ms. Sharon Galang Agoncillo (extreme left) spoke about Baby Signs, while magazine editor Frances Amper Sales talked about grooming and wellness so moms won't let themselves go and totally forget to look after themselves, especially as remaining fit and pretty can be very challenging after giving birth.  
 I can never get enough of Philips AVENT and our fun learning AVENTURES which my son has mostly been part of... 
 An AVENTURE for the whole family. Yes, everyone is welcome to learn and have fun with us and even take home some goodies!
 Thank you, Philips AVENT for always being there for me and my son all these years... you will always occupy a huge space in my heart! 
Thanks for dropping by; may we all continue to strive for God's glory!
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