Monday, July 25, 2016

Every mom's a superstar at the Starworld Loves Moms event!

So glad to have hosted another terrific event where moms were the stars of the show: The Starworld loves Moms event, held at the Central Plaza of my most favourite lifestyle place, Eastwood City! Catch a glimpse of my energy and excitement in the video below: 
Again, this was another big event I am so blessed to handle, and I was just blown away with the many exciting events and prizes for all those who came! Trust me, no one walked away empty-handed for upon registration, every mom will be given a rose instantly! 
 Just like this beautiful, beaming mom guest right here, she already got a ton of gifts, and she also joins me onstage for she gets to win a special prize during the raffle. This spectacular event for moms brimmed with a ton of game and raffle draws!
Always love working with this events team. On my right in photo below is Don Palafox whom I have known since about 2012... working with a good events team (they must be concerned, smart and snappy, not just there for the money) for an event as huge (and stressful) as this is a must!
More lovely moms at the runway show! How I wish I could have sashayed down this Mum-way Runway with my very own little boy! But nope, I gotta focus on my role as the emcee / events host... 
 Truly spectacular at every turn, I would like to express my utmost thanks to Starworld and the amazing Mith Manila events group along with Eastwood Mall for this memorable Mum-event! I walked away truly enriched in the facets of my life that matter the most...  
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