Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fun, fashion and friends at the Total Girl Magazine Model Academy 2015

The young girl in me got to run, wild and free, at least for a few hours, all thanks to the successful event of Total Girl Magazine - the much-anticipated and well-attended TG Model Academy 2015! Again, I am just so honored and blessed to host this fabulous party which was a workshop and go-see too! Below, here I am so excited to share the stage with Ms. Pauleen of Claire's and of course the lovely Mimi Tiu, Total Girl's EIC: 

Held at the bustling atrium of the new Glorietta mall, this event allowed me to bond with my amazing friends from Summit Media, and I also made new ones that day too! I super love love love my Total Girl family (hope you girls and guys are reading this) and I want to thank you all for trusting me with your fab events and for our next exciting (non-hosting related) project. I can't wait to share this to all of you by July! That's for another post. :-) 
So anyway before I get any more giddy and carried away, I'd just like to share the highlights of the day. Photos thanks to Joe Carl of Summit media: 

All these beautiful, high-energy ladies were model aspirants and this harks me back to the days when I too dreamt to be a model! Never really got there (since some things are not meant to be) but I am happy to achieve a bigger dream of mine - and that is to become an events host! Plus a proud mum to this big blazing ball of energy, below who enjoyed attention from his Total Girl big sisters! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes