Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From Darkness to Light: Assassin's Creed ignites the big screen this 2017 (A Movie Review)

Lightyears better than a recent highly-anticipated movie (let’s just say my expectations were so high until I went ‘Rogue’ for this movie was a total sleep-inducer), Assassin’s Creed is certainly the movie that we all should watch out for this 2017! This snapshot should excite you as it harks us back to enigmatic Andalucia, Spain, 500 years ago... 
Thanks to the wonderful guys from 20th Century Fox (shoutout to Sir Francis Soliven and Ms. Mae Vecina), my family and I were treated to a night of thrill, an experience like no other especially since the Assassin’s Creed VIP screening was held in a Dolby Atmos theater, making us feel like we were running and fighting alongside the movie’s awesome characters!  Adapted from Ubisoft's successful video game franchise, Assassin's Creed truly 'kills' it! Since I know you will all watch Assassin’s Creed, I won’t 'kill' it for you with spoilers; I will simply summarise its best points with my C.R.E.E.D.:
Creativity – clever at every manner you look at it, what I liked about it the most was how it entwined history with fantasy! The Assasins and the Knights Templar were real people. It all began with the Hashashins of Nizari Islam from which the term ‘assassin’ originates from. On the other side of the spectrum were the Knights Templar, by contrast, was a Christian order established for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages. Officially sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church, Templar membership included some of the most important and feared figures of the age, and the group held enormous power and influence until its dissolution in 1312. Its sudden disbanding at the height of its power led to a belief that the organisation had simply gone underground, where it continued to exert its influence. ‘C’ may also stand for Covert… and Cosplay! Speaking of Cosplay, here I am posing with the Assassins… as their newest recruit, perhaps? 
Resonance – I am not just talking about the total experience, that delights your senses at every scene. Yes the Dolby Atmos theater complemented the experience. But more than the outward sensibilities, I loved how the movie resonated the most complex ideologies and problems that have beset mankind for years. Underneath all that perfect cinematography and action scenes (thumbs up for the awesome stunts), what gave the movie heart was the depth of the issues: violence, obedience, Free Will. Indeed, is it truly right to fight for freedom, the chance to decide for ourselves, or would the world be a better place under one ruler?
Excitement – the movie has been more than what you’d expect from a video game adaptation. Excitement at every angle, the movie would keep you at the edge of your seats! Makes me wanna take up Parkour and Spanish lessons Pronto!
Engagement – Jeremy Irons, who played the role of Alan Rikkin, made me think when he spoke of how the Knights Templars had manipulated the world through the centuries using Religion, Politics and now, Consumerism and Science. It really makes you think… hasn’t such really been the case? Perhaps we are all just accessories and spectators of the few who run the show; that we are all powerless unless someone decides that it is our 'time.' I guess we will never know who runs the show; all I know is that you can't miss Assassin's Creed for you'll agree with me that it's one spectacular show!
Direction – In terms of cinematographic value, the movie was such a pleasant delight. Michael Fassbender did not just give justice to his role, Cal and his ancestor, Aguilar, but also gave him character. Fassbender, by the way is one of the producers of the film (so he has so much to prove not just as the lead actor). I would say all the characters were superb, the stunts were seamless (that it made me want to actually try those at home, LOL) and the story, fluid. What I did expect though, was a more defined ending, for my mind was processing all the action, but couldn’t reconcile the closing scenes of Cotillard and Fassbender. I think they could’ve added more dialogue. Here's another provocative scene from the movie... 
Please watch Assassin’s Creed when it opens this JANUARY 4, 2017! For a complete experience, best to watch it in your favorite Dolby Atmos or 4D cinema, and get your family, hoodies, swords and knives ready for the most thrilling action film of 2017! Thanks for visiting!
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Simply MAPPtastic: award-winning actress and mom, LJ Reyes launches the Mommy App!

Nothing spells MOMazing than a mother who can brave through life, living out her dreams, wearing many different hats, all while raising a child! Oh, let us not forget doing it all while looking good, in fact looking much younger and prettier than ever! 
If there was one actress whose life story continues to inspire me, that would be the amazing, multi-talented and award-winning actress, LJ Reyes, who adds 'entrepreneur' to her long list of achievements! That is why it simply is my honour to serve as the master of ceremonies during the launch of her latest business; something close to her heart: the Mommy App or simply, MAPP! Search for #MAPPPh and #MommyAPP on social media for more photos of this MAPPriffic event!
Attended by countless stars, many from the Kapuso network, LJ Reyes spoke about the features of her MAPP-tastic app, and how she came about with this ingenious tool for parents. This is another video too during this memorable brand launch... 
Mommy LJ herself showed everyone how to navigate through the app. You can see it right there and everyone downloaded it on their android phones already, as LJ walked us through. MAPP served as guide for everything under the sun for mommies and kids - from dining places, activity areas, and even promos and freebies! But the best thing about it for me was the first-aid feature, for while we would like to be out and about with our little ones, the thing is anything can happen, so it is always best to be safe and prepared. This is the App that all of us moms have long been waiting for! Soon, it will also be available on iOs, so watch out! 
M.A.P.P. can now stand for (M) Marvelous... (A) Adventurous... (P) Perseverant and (P) Patient... just like how LJ is as a mom, an actress and a person... and how we moms, too, must continue to be - with the help from our loved ones and tools that can help us too... like MAPP! 
Before the program came to a close, we were all treated to a heartfelt message... from no less than LJ's number one supporter and business partner... the handsome and talented actor, Mr. Paolo Contis! Love was truly in the air, what I love about LJ and Paolo's romance is that they are able to keep it low-key, just for the two of them and their loved ones to enjoy, a reflection of their genuinely humble and selfless personalities... He's one of the reasons why LJ looks so beautiful these days!
My Godric Matthew got to tag along too... Too bad I wasn't able to take snaps of LJ's very handsome and dapper boy, Ethan Akio who is sure to be a superstar heartthrob like his talented parents someday!
Thank you, LJ (And Forthinker PR, especially Ms. Trish De Jesus who got me to emcee) for trusting me with your event, and most of all, for the endless inspiration you offer. May God continue to bless your beautiful mind and heart for the many years to come and may your awesome endeavours just like MAPP, continue to bear fruit!  
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