Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Clucking Delicious as we welcome Chickilicious! (Food Review)

I am so happy for my good friend, Jayson and his wonderful mom and sister, Conchita and Cathy, for bringing in Chickilicious to the Philippine shores! Needless to say, Chickilicious boasts of chicken like never before! I loved how immensely crispy their humongous chicken breast cuts (don't worry, these are real chicken, in fact not frozen - these are delivered fresh, cooked and served right away) and how perfectly tender the breast is! I loved the taste - so did my mom and sister who I just initially dragged there in the first store of Chickilicious, only to find themselves clucking for more! 
Our top favorites were the Lemon Chicken with herbs and seaweeds, and the Crispy Golden Chicken, and the Takoyaki Chicken - yes takoyaki and chicken, why not?!? These golden plates were all pleasant to the palate, an extraordinary kick with its immense burst of flavor! But I think that the winner for that evening, was legendary Chocolate Chicken! I mean I have never eaten sweet viand - I like to keep the sweets for traditional dessert. But the Chocolate Chickilicious Chunk took home the trophy - with the impeccable bitter sweet taste of chocolate, generously drizzled on the magnificent crust of the well-carved, tender, juicy chicken! Ahh.... Chocolate-Chicken heaven! Only found in my newest favorite joint - Chickilicious! 
Plus of course, they even had my classic favorites - yummy crunchy tofu bites, and my favorite calamari - squid rings! Needless to say me and my fave girls were crunching our way to yummy chicken heaven! The experience harked me back to when I visited Taipei, Taiwan back in 2011 - only better! In Taiwan, I never got accustomed to the hit delicacy, stinky tofu, but here with Chickilicious, they made their tofu bites just right! So many Chinese and Taiwanese customers piled that night when we visited - for they all knew Chickilicious back in Taiwan - where the mother franchise company was founded. But the best part? While the Chinese loved it - the Filipinos love Chickilicious more! 
I cannot wait for Chickilicious Philippines to open its wings and soar to more places! And lastly - will you believe me if I say each chicken with rice meal is not more than P 150.00? What a great deal! You can share one meal with your loved one, your office mates, but I am certain that one won't be enough - you'd all find yourselves clucking crazy and loving each and every offering! To find out more, please click this and like the Chickilicious Facebook Page .
And above, here I am with my dear friend enjoying a snap as we snapped the yummy Choco Chicken gone! And lastly, let us not forget how awesomazing their Taiwanese beverages are - hands down- the best! I would recommend the Lychee and Passion fruit juices which my mom, sis and I got to try; but with my palate being so discriminating and unadventurous at times - I went with the traditional chilled Taiwanese tea - and drank every last drop! 
Come fly by Chickilicious at the Sea Residences, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City for a taste of the best in Taipei - suited to satisfy the Filipino taste! Thank you and Congratulations Chickilicious; more stores to come! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes, Events Host and now, Food Blogger!