Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am thankful to Doc Susan Co Dela Fuente, for granting me the honor of hosting their Grand 30th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Party amid the sea of beautiful and talented celebrities who are also their endorsers. It was a night I will never forget as I was the Master of Ceremony at the hottest event in Solaire resort and casino, brimming with people who are beautiful inside and out, and who all came together to celebrate the success of PRETTYLOOKS for the past 30 years!  

As a guest of honor, we had the timeless beauty, Ms. Cory Quirino, inspire us all on how to look good and feel even better! 

Everywhere I look, I see PRETTY: Some of the gorgeous endorsers of the aesthetic center, include Ms. Minnie Aguilar, Princess Snell, Sheree (former Viva Hot Babes) and Ms. Lindsay Custodio. 

It may have been one star-studded affair, but for me, the real Stars, or the Pearls, of the evening were no less than Ms. Susan Dela Fuente, and her lovely daughter, Ms. Steffi Blair Ong. This party was not just about giving thanks for the 30 fruitful years and success in PRETTY-fying people, but it was also the turnover of the business to Ms. Steffi Blair, who promised to continue her mom's legacy, if not, take it up higher! 

The 30th year is said to be the PEARL Anniversary. I love pearls! I wear them everyday to add elegance to my simple office outfits. But I admire and appreciate Pearls more, when I am reminded of these amazing trivia, which I would like to share: 

1. Pearls are the ONLY gemstones made by living animals, specifically the mollusks (oysters) which produce these pearls within its shells. Once pearls are harvested, the mollusk can re-implant and produce again.

2. Pearls actually take the colors of the inside of the oyster shells within which they grow. These may range from white, gold, purple to black. 

3. Each pearl is unique; no two are alike and each comes with imperfections on its shape. 

4. The formation of a natural pearl begins when a foreign matter slips in between the oyster shell valves and irritates the mantle, the organ responsible for forming the shell. It's like getting a splinter, and naturally it reacts by defensively covering up that irritant with the same material that its shell is made of. After a while, this becomes the precious Pearl. 

I can think of so many insights at the majesty of pearls, but let me save that for another post! 

BELOW: Blair and I were so busy that night, but below, I managed to snag a selfie with the new boss of PRETTYLOOKS, looking so majestic in her pink ball gown! Excuse my giddy expression please! 

Another selfie with Ms. Lindsay Custodio, who did not even change one bit since I was watching her on TV, during her Ang TV Days! Testament to the brilliance of PRETTYLOOKS in making your beauty last forever... 

Gone are the days when being beautiful or working hard at it was something vain or shallow. Nowadays, physical qualities which bring out confidence, have been correlated with the chance of success. Of course, beauty is just one element in the formula of success, but it wouldn't hurt to take good care of yourself, because feeling good can start with looking good! 

But be sure to not just entrust yourself - especially your skin and faces to anyone. Learn what PRETTYLOOKS can do for you! Age is just a number, just as PRETTYLOOKS may be 30 years old, but their expertise is as strong and in-demand as ever! Check out  www.prettylooks.com.ph on how you can start enhancing your God-given beauty and empowering your life today. 

Gratitude in Retrospect: My first gigs with Philips AVENT

I have been happily hosting events for Philips AVENT Philippines for the past 5 years and pray that I will always get to do so! I will never forget how they generously gifted my son and I with an amazing set of newborn-must haves, which includes the Philips AVENT Toddler feeding set, Classic feeding bottles, the legendary manual breast pump, the sturdy electric sterilizer which I still use now, four years after, and even a nice bag to go with it. Motherhood for me, has been one extraordinarily amazing and empowering journey, with Philips AVENT by my side, like they have been helping moms all over the world for years! 

I take so much pride in being part of the Philips AVENT family (distributed exclusively by the LJS Group) and I will pepper my new blog with the many events we've had! But for this very first blog post about Philips AVENT, it has to be about the first two events I have had with them. 

Just a request: please excuse my super low-res, fuzzy amateur photos! I had my Yaya , or was it my little boy, snap these. Just please feel the vibe of love and pride that emanate from these happy memories.  

Wow, Doc Chris Soriano and I (photo below) go way back! I just recently interviewed him for another Philips AVENT segment during the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 2014! 

Happy smiles everywhere! These memories are truly special. Above was the very first time I got to work with Philips AVENT. And below was the second event i emceed for, at the Greenbelt mall, in partnership with Mothercare... 

Starting him young... I cannot remember when my passion for hosting events sparked! But i certainly will remember this very moment when my son became so fascinated at the microphone as he enjoyed drinking from his AVENT milk bottle! Or perhaps he was thinking if he can also drink from the mic, since he has seen me put it close to my lips! 

Right after, I let my hair down and we visited the bazaar which my family and I participated at. I always enjoy being with my son, my Greatest Blessing! 

To cap this tribute, I would like to zoom in on the bottle that gave me worry and fuss-free nights, that allowed me to pursue my other passions on top of being a mom. I will also talk about their recently unveiled product lines, but for now, I would like to thank Philips for introducing this world-class feeding bottle.

Learn more by visiting http://avent.philips.com and follow Philips AVENT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching Philips AVENT Philippines. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Congratulations to Fantom Nail Studio!

I am really so grateful to behold and celebrate the success of my longtime friend, Ms. Joyce Lercana, especially in her latest venture, Fantom Nail Studio alongside her successful Fantom Car Wash Services. 

Joyce and I go way back, when we were both very young and daring. What got us together is our dedication and unfailing love for family, we both want to give our families great lives, because our loving families, especially our parents and siblings, deserve it. Both of us are also single moms, both happy and independent at our respective careers, and seeing our boys, Paul (her son) and Matthew (my son), play together as though they have been best friends for a long time, was really heart-warming. 

Above shows me and my dear friend, Joyce. She didn't tell me the theme was Hot Pink, but what do you know? True friends can read each others' minds! Below shows me with the sisters of Joyce, also there celebrating their Ate's newest feat!   

Joyce thoughtfully set this up, because she realized that there is a growing market for wellness and grooming enthusiasts. Men who love cars, actually love getting prepped up too! Sometimes, they bring their wives, girlfriends and kids along as they do their car wash and tune ups, and while waiting, they are pampered like royalty at the Fantom Nail Studio! The service is superb and I am sure this will be the first among many branches soon! 

For all of you living and chilling in the South, please do check out FANTOM Nail Studio, found right beside FANTOM Car Wash Shop! They are located at the heart of IMUS, CAVITE. 

"Know your strength to know who you will be. Never give up where you are now, never lose sight of your glorious dreams. If you feel down now, just remember that there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly, except for what lies within it." 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Light of Christ at the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, SM Aura Premier

Being called to serve at the majestic and awe-inspiring San Pedro Calungsod Chapel at the SM Aura Premier was truly a blessing from above. I just happened to go to SM Aura to attend the Tenant Preview of another upcoming mall in the North when we chanced by this breathtaking chapel to hear mass, and I heard the invitation for lectors and commentators.

Given my unbelievably crazy schedule (I try to pack in activities so as to not leave room for any negativity); I initially doubted if I can continue serving here. But with God’s Grace, I was able to, and I am thankful for having been called to this. I get to serve God while reveling in the good vibes that SM has brought into my life as a professional.

I don’t know where to begin – I want to share the new family I found and the fun activities that we do. But let me save that for a later post and let me share what first got me interested (and what's bringing in a million more to this Chapel)… its breathtaking architecture…

San Pedro Calungsod’s magnificent chapel is like a beacon, at the 7th floor, visible from the SM Aura Sky Garden. You have the option to take the stairs or the tiny glass elevator to behold its majesty. It is a small cove of gold, with brilliant gemstone-like lights dotting its ceiling, making it look so grand be it the blazing daytime sun or the softer night sky, with the stars as though reflecting it.

The Crucifix, sculpted in bronze is at the center of the host-like sphere behind the altar. Yes, it is like a huge Host, making the place more solemn and spiritually-riveting. On the altar’s right side is the sculpture of Mama Mary, an exquisite eminence while on the right is San Pedro Calungsod’s own bronze statue, reminiscent of the very charm this young Martyr and Saint possesses, and which continues to invite more people in, making the place so jam-packed that even the heads of SM Malls have delightfully admitted how they did not anticipate these huge crowds of worshipers!  

On my next posts, I will be sharing about the miracles, – yes, MIRACLES, that I have received, through praying and serving in this beautiful place – a place of prayer and repose on top of one of the country’s biggest, busiest and most beautiful SM Malls! I have had so many answered prayers ever since I dedicated some time and talent in this chapel.

Breathtaking to behold, even at night! This place of worship entices you with its surreal beauty, and then after envelopes you with the power of God clearly present in this place! Photo below shows the altar area in the evening, during one of our fellowships, a monthly recollection led by the team of our Chaplain, Rev. Father Ronnie Samaniego, entitled, "The Laity as Bearers of Light..." Indeed, the Light of God shines throughout the Darkness! 

But for now, I would like to invite all of you to come and visit the SAN PEDRO CALUNGSOD CHAPEL, located at the SM AURA Premier. We are also inviting more people to come and serve as Lectors, Choir Members, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers. Just inquire at the chapel office, or shoot me an email at marythehost@gmail.com and we will contact you.  

To share the blessing, I invite all of you to pray this simple prayer to San Pedro Calungsod, which is also displayed at the Chapel Facade... may we always be blessed beyond what we deserve! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Life is La Dee Dazzling! The Rowdy, Shouty, Chic Party...

Twas bedazzling to host the recent La Dee Da dolls party at the Podium Mall where I got to meet our lovely cosplayer who brought to life the lovely leader of the La Dee Da Style pack, Dee! 

I got to introduce Dee and her friends Tylie and Sloan, plus her stylish little doggy, Le Bun, to all the happy little La dee da gals, and we gave away tons of prizes, too! 

I hope that you like my hair... curled it myself! I wanted to achieve a La Dee Dazzling look for the day! Below shows me with two of the many happy little girls who also received a ton of prizes from La Dee Da and Toy Kingdom, the Amazing Toy Store! 

Of course, I would like to end this post by thanking Richprime Global Inc, the leading toy distributor in the country, for always giving the chance to host their fabulous events, especially for Monster High and Barbie! 

"The reason why you stop playing is not because you have grown old... in fact, you grow old because you stop playing. So never stop learning, growing, playing and believing!" 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Flashback: the Inauguration of the 48th SM Supermall

Since I take so much pride in my job as a Leasing Manager at SM Shopping Center Management Corporation, I would like to blog about the unforgettable opening of the 48th SM Supermall and share my few amateur snaps of the event! It was such a joy being there when SM BF Paranque opened its doors to the public after a thanksgiving mass and a few fun things in between. 

What's a mall opening without shopping? I officially am (and the Credit card terminal can prove it) the first ever customer of The SM Store in SM BF, where I got these super sexy Parisian Shoes! Life is a runway and you need God's guidance to make it to the top... So the higher the heels the closer to God! 

I was really so glad to meet so many people especially potential tenants. Best of all, I got Mr Harley Sy, to pose for a mandatory Selfie with me! 

And of course I got to pose with some of my favorite tenants, the global favorite, Krispy Kreme who even gave us some yummy free glazed doughnuts! I love the amazing Krispy Kreme team and most of all love the fact that they are finally opening at my mall, SM Center Pasig this summer! I first wrote an article about them years ago when I was a writer for Animo Magazine and now we are actually working together to see one of their biggest branches open in Pasig soon! 

Also below is our snap with the bosses of CD-R King, another prime mover in the industry. I remember CD-R King selling CDs and DVDs back then at the University Mall when I was still in college at DLSU Manila and now, they are in every single SM Mall! 

Congratulations to the awesome and hard-working SM BF team who opened this world-class establishment in the South, and to all its tenants who continue to soar with SM Supermalls! 

"One person can have a profound effect on another. And two people can work miracles. They can change a whole town... They can change the world..." -A.Schneider

Monday, February 17, 2014

Philips: Creating Better Lives through Meaningful Innovations

Being part of the PHILIPS Mall Road Show, which kicked off last 2013 has truly been an immense blessing and an unforgettable experience! It was my honor to be the Master of Ceremonies of all the PHILIPS road shows, held in the country's biggest malls. Being one with PHILIPS as they, through their Consumer and Lifestyle products encourage and espouse healthy, holistic and happy living.

This year, 2014, the campaign is coming to a close as we have just 4 legs remaining. But the gems of wisdom I gained will be further enriched as I share these on to others. Most importantly, the friendships I have made with the Amazing Philips team, and my fellow Philips Ambassadors prove that this is indeed something I will cherish throughout this lifetime.

TRIVIA: The famous PHILIPS logo show STARS and SOUND WAVES upon a SHIELD. The Stars signify its might, being the leader in its industry then until now. The Sound Waves recall their first groundbreaking innovations - radios and gramophones which played a big role in History. In fact, it was PHILIPS who introduced the cassette tape to the world. These elements are enclosed in the coat-of-arms or shield, is a testament to its founder's ingenuity, honor and integrity, which they continue to uphold today.  

This is one amazing and inspiring journey, so let's begin with our first few Philips Mall Shows back in 2013...

Our first two legs were held at the Glorietta Activity area, and boy were there a lot of people. I had a blast promoting my favorite PHILIPS products, such as the PHILIPS AVENT steamer blender, which I myself am a proud owner of! This is perfect for creating meals for your babies and kids, and also with whipping up yummy and healthy soups, sauces and dressings for yourself! Below are my two favorite PHILIPS products which are just amazing in our kitchen... 

The PHILIPS electronic pressure cooker, which lets me cook up dishes in no time. You just put the ingredients in and few minutes after, savor nutritious and insanely delicious meals! 

And below is the majestic Philips SAECO Coffee Machine. My day is always perfect no matter how stressful it may be, when I start it with a perfect cup from my SAECO machine. What's coffee without SAECO, and without a Selfie

One of our Ambassadors, Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen, timeless kitchen goddess, taught the audience how to make your own nutritious soy-based drinks using the PHILIPS Soy Milk maker, and of course, cook delightful dishes using the Philips Electronic Pressure Cooker, while belting out a nice few lines in between! From Kitchen Diva to Philips Singing Superstar!!! 

And now we head on to our fun Galleria road show! Below shows my promoting the childcare brand closest to my heart - PHILIPS AVENT! Over my next blog posts, I would like to recapitulate the many wonders of being a new mom, and how Philips AVENT has helped me every step of the way! Not to mention, trusted me to be the official emcee of most of their events for the past five years and I pray to always be part of our happy and growing PHILIPS AVENT family... 

And to all moms, like me: we can't just let ourselves go. We need to look good and feel good for our partners, our kids and most of all - our own selves. PHILIPS has a wide range of superb personal care products that lets you look glam in minutes! 
I already have my PHILIPS hair dryer, and I am going to get that fab straight-or-curl iron next. Below shows me introducing another Philips Ambassador (for the personal care line) who is no less than the very talented Ara Fernando, Stylist to the Stars... 
This walk-back just makes me so thankful to be part of the PHILIPS Mall Road Shows! I'll be posting more of our exciting and empowering adventures soon. PHILIPS does not only "Continue to make better lives through Meaningful innovations," but also allows us to empower ourselves and bring out to best in us, with world-class products and their campaigns that inspire and unleash our innate creativity and brilliance. 
“No matter what happened yesterday it is insignificant when compared to what lies within the core of your being today.” - S. Brewer

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fluff and Warmth... welcoming our Polish chicks

I don't remember a lot during my childhood, but I know that it was a happy one. I remember the time I portrayed the Little Red Hen during our pre-school play when I studied at the St. Therese Little Flower Pre-school.

Another fond childhood memory was when we vacationed at our Marinduque farm and I found a little chick being pecked at by a hen, perhaps not recognizing it to be its own. I rescued the chick and nursed it to life, painstakingly feeding it with grains of rice and insulating it to revive it. I was ecstatic to realize that it was actually becoming better after several days...

..... Until my baby sister came and stepped on it! My beloved pet chick was beyond saving. I could not forgive her for squishing my chick and cried about it for a long time.

But yesterday, we celebrated with the arrival of our two Polish chicks, which hatched yesterday, February 12, 2014. Just imagine how these were two tiny eggs back in January 20 when I got them at the World Gamefowl Expo at the World Trade Center. It was nothing short of a miracle and my 4-year old son was simply so thrilled to have two pet chicks to care for. I cannot say that chickens are my most favorite animals, but they surely hold a special place in my heart.

Above shows my son and I looking thrilled with the Baby Polish chickens! One was pure yellow, which will grow up to be pure white, while the bigger one was black and white. We chose to name the white one SNOW, while the bigger one will be called POLY.   

The name POLY didn't come from it being a Polish Chicken, but from the fact that it was a POLYDACTYLY. This was derived from Greek words πολύς (polys), meaning "many" and δάκτυλος (daktylos), meaning "finger) . 

If you see the photo above, POLY has 5 fingers on each leg, instead of just 4. This was just another miracle for us! Having a polydactyly is considered to be a lucky omen. 

These Polish chickens seem to be related to the Silkies, a breed of chicken with very soft feathers, likened to fur. They look very fluffy all over, whereas the Polish chickens only have fluffy crests. Below is a photo of my son, Godric Matthew, carrying a Polish Chicken for the very first time. This Polish rooster is the father of our yellow chick... 

To end this post, I would like to share a funny comment my friend and colleague told me when she learned how my son and I are into chickens, much to the delight of my dad, an aspiring game fowl breeder: 

"Why can't you be a normal mom and just get your son a puppy?!??!" 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Grand Finale of Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 2014

Day 3 served up to be bigger and better as SM Megamall became so packed with people trying to Keep up with the Kramers! I came in as a Sea Queen (or tried to be), and I got thumbs up from the adorable Kendra Superstar!

Above shows me with the adorable Kramer gals. Kendra was really born to be a star; such a natural with the mic and with the camera! Scarlett was also very cute. Below shows baby Gavin with his mom, saying hi to the gals. Such a heart breaker!

Of course I had to grab my son to have our photos taken with Team Kramer, but he doesn't seem too pleased about it. Needless to say, it was a riot onstage!

At this point, I feel that I am really in my element. Not just talking about my Sea-inspired outfit, but also about hosting. It is my passion, and I am just so grateful to have the energy and the opportunities to do so, while balancing a demanding corporate job, and of course, carving out some quality time with the Love of my Life, Godric Matthew! 

I also met the lovely mommy and beauty queen, Priscilla Estrada, and for the first time, I am actually taller than her... thanks to the illusion this photo above suggests. Kudos to this amazing, intelligent woman, who really made waves during the Giant Carrier segment. 

Above shows our celebrity chef and my good friend, BFF Chef Dang Adrias. You have surely seen her in various morning and lifestyle shows, and she has led her beautiful face and amazing cooking prowess in a segment of Philips AVENT, on how to whip up nutritious but delicious meals for babies and kids! Always happy to work with Chef Dang, who is truly beautiful inside and out. She is a mom of three, and is always generous to share her time and talent.