Monday, August 3, 2015

Wheels of Fun: The Hot Wheels Convention 2015

I am so glad to have emceed for the two-day Hot Wheels Convention 2015! For the first day, we had an awesome auction activity along with the Die cast car collectors of the Philippines. It was so amazing and these car enthusiasts along with Hot Wheels lovers (in different sizes and ages) came to bid for their dream Hot Wheel Super T-Hunts to add to their collections! 
For the awesome Day 2, it was bigger and fiercer for we had the much-awaited grand prix: for my hosting video, please watch by clicking on my Youtube Channel:
And you won't believe it, but the Barbie girls came out on top of the day's two major tilts! Yes - two little girls beat the boys in their favorite game! Hundreds of Hot Wheelers came and this lady was declared 2015 Grand Prix Champion, next photo is of this other young girl who was the winner of the Hot Wheels Color Your Car Tilt. Don't they look so happy?!! 
Thank you for visiting! Here's to all of us who have to keep on driving; the road may be long, winding, scary and dark at times. But as long as God is with us, driving us in His path, then we know that we will arrive to our beautiful destination. Success, joy and prosperity beyond our hopes and dreams. For more pics of this fun event for the whole family, please visit my other hosting portal: 
All thanks to my very longtime friend and budding E-ntrepreur (specialist in website building and e-commerce) and I will be introducing her soon! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes