Monday, October 7, 2019

Bits N Bites by Kristine just makes my heart sing!

I've just celebrated my 33rd birthday a couple of weeks ago (yup, 33 and proud of it) and now, whenever I think of special occasions and celebrations such as the forthcoming National Holiday, Thanksgiving in the United States in November, and then of course, Christmas in December, I cannot leave Bits N Bites by Kristine out of the equation! 
Handcrafted with Love by an extraordinary Filipino-American entrepreneur, Ms. Kristine Marie Bautista (you may know her as the founder and engine of the annual Filipino Festival in Malden Massachusetts), This time, Kristine wears a different hat (a pink pastry chef toque, I'd say) as she expands her delectable line of pastries, all the heavenly sweet things you can imagine, through Bits and Bites by Kristine! 
Presently based out of Seattle, Washington, Bits n Bites by Kristine is capable of shipping some of their goodies and treats to different parts of North America. Please visit their Facebook page: and also order online at

Every time I bite into one of Kristine's delectable bits, it just makes my heart sing! So let me share with you some of the nummies I've ordered along with my favorite song, the ones I just blurt out in between bites... 
All you need is love. This one of my most favorite Beatle's songs, and truly, all we need is love, and these yummy goodies from Bits n Bites by Kristine! They taste so good and they're always delivered fresh! With each and every bite, you know that they are truly handmade with Love... 
Another Beatle's Classic that I recall whenever I stare at and savor my yummy goodies from Bits n Bites by Kristine is the song, Imagine. Just imagine how happy your fiends and loved ones would be when you send them one of these homemade pastries! 
Baby I love your Way. This song was a hit back in 1975, and while I was born in 1986, I know this song. But after trying out these yummy use crinkles, all I keep singing is, "Ube-by I love your way... everyday..." Yes Ube crinkles, wanna be with you night and day!  
Here's a closer look at these ube crinkles were such a hit! When I had a party recently, even my American friends who had no idea what "Ube" was, still loved these! Very soft and moist, it didn't matter what Ube was... all that mattered was that these crinkles tasted so good! As for us Filipinos who grew loving Ube, I've never imagined ube can be great in crinkles, so this is one special innovation that only Ms. Kristine Bautista can deliver! 
Build me up Buttercup. Okay, so these aren't buttercups but they are butter cookies so that song almost hit home. These cookies are so good they don't just make you wanna sing, but also wanna make you dance! They also come with different toppings, like almonds, chocolate chips, crunchy cereal and more... talk about innovation! But if you're a simple girl like me, you'd love to savor it just by itself. Whatever type you choose, certainly you will go crazy and in love!   
And lastly, the song that I think of and would like to dedicate to Bits n Bites by Kristine is no less than my favorite song, a hit by Spiral Staircase which I sing at happy times of my life and in karaoke sessions: "I love you more today than yesterday." I've had the honor of meeting Kristine last year and got to try her goodies when they first came out to the market, but I am so proud how far she's come, the taste is better than ever, and the innovation and packaging truly screams world-class. 

Give yourselves the best pastries in America while supporting this proudly Filipino at heart global brand, Bits n Bites by Kristine! Don't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas, today's beautiful and blessed day is reason enough to delight yourself in Bits n Bites by Kristine! 

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