Monday, April 9, 2018

With my brilliant blue hair I lead all Barbie girls to this summer's Dreamtopia Journey!

This summer lends an electrifyingly exciting hue as I break from the pink and go all bedazzling blue! Welcome one and all to Barbie's unforgettable Dreamtopia Journey! Feel my signature electric Barbie blue energy; here's my opening salvo:
Lovely moms and their li'l Barbie girls got to join in on the magical runway fun during our fashion parade, where twinning Barbie mommies and Barbie girls sashayed down magical the Dreamtopia stage for an unforgettably enchanting time! 
And I also got snaps of the backstage action, like this one where I was doing my voice-over spiels, summoning all fairies and princesses of Barbie's magical kingdom! 
 Adorable Barbie babies greeting me backstage, sans my magical blue hair! Oh my! Now they saw the real me, when I am not Tita Barbie...    
 Within the iconic Barbie box featuring the real me: my messy, chopped hair and my running shoes. I am always on the go! For those who truly know me, they know that hosting and speaking is my drug! The opium that gets me high all day! When my 'hosting high' wears off, you see me looking forward to my next exciting events hosting gig or speaking engagement... 
 I am the original Filipino Barbie girl, at it for Mattel and Barbie events for a decade, since 2008. I am a Barbie girl para sempre...
In this video I reveal what's truly been burning since I was a child. Not a lot of people know that I am a writer. I get by today with hosting as it is my love and passion, but I know it is not my destiny. Catch me open my heart to my fellow events emcee, Jazper Tiongson who came as one of the judges and guest vloggers for this event: 
One day I shall bow out of hosting to fulfil my ultimate destiny. But for now, I grasp my mic for as long as I still can. I am getting older, but still at it. And why not? Barbie herself, born Barbara Millicent Roberts in 1959 continues to be a timeless icon even if she's only a year shy of being a sextarian, this 2018, Barbie celebrates her 59th birthday! 
Thanks so much Sir Shan who first discovered me to be the Barbie host and also to Ate Josie above of Richprime / Mattel Philippines! And to close, here's a look back of some of the events I've done for Barbie through the years; I can't put them all as I'd flood up this entire page if I include all the links to my past Barbie events, so below are just my top 3 favorites; the most memorable Barbie events I've emceed for:
Don't forget to click on the following links below too, Barbie girls!

Meeting stars Julie Anne San Jose and Mike Tan as I emcee for Miniso SM Center Muntinlupa!

And I am back in my bright red dress as I get ready to emcee for another exciting MINISO Japanese Designer event, this time for MINISO SM Center Muntinlupa! Like the fans of our celebrity guests, Julie Anne San Jose and Mike Tan, I had to take another snap... this one's a less zoomed version... Can you say Japan-nice? 
And since I was the event's host, I get to have first dibs in taking endless selfies with these two stars... it's great to be the master of ceremonies! 
And now, here are a few videos of myself in action... watch as I lend my high energy during this awe inspiring store opening! 
Here I was introducing Starstruck Alum Mike Tan who serenaded the ladies who came to see him and fall in love with him all over again...  
 And now here I was explaining the Kagami Biraki tradition, one of the most special highlights of this grand opening...  
Not only did I get to take selfies with Mike Tan and Julie Anne San Jose; I also got to interview these two... click on the video below to watch!  
Can you guess which fashion accessories in the following two photos below I got from MINISO? HINT: All of them! I just love these lovely items that all come at an amazingly low price tag! And it's all only at MINISO! 
Thanks for dropping by again today; please do breeze through these other sites below, to learn more about the phenomenal experiences that I continue to gain as a seasoned and established events host! I absolutely love my craft and am thankful to do what I love!
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