Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hosting the most colortastic event of the year: Sky Life Color Explosion 2016!

Color me crazy. Until now I am crazy thankful about the awesome chance of hosting the much-awaited Sky Life Color Explosion, now on its second year! But first, my usual super hyper opening spiels up on my Youtube channel, where clients can usually refer to for bookings and to actually reference my past works and see me in action: 
And my other video below, doing pre-event spiels and voice-overs: 
The most Color-rific event ever. Yes, this was 2016 most vibrant event ever and the Sky Life Color Explosion is now on Year 2, bigger and more successful this year too! I would say over a thousand guest were in attendance, all of them coming to color their lives with the fun, games and awesome learning experiences during this color-tastic event! 
Sky's the limit. So thankful for the truly phenomenal events that Sky Life / Sky Cable assigns me. I totally loved the whole Parisienne street artist get up, with red shoes for a pop of color! I loved dressing up for this event as much as I loved every bit hosting for it! 
Had a chat with our artsy pals too who led the workshops for the moms! Yes this wasn't just a treat for the kids, but also for the rest of the family members especially the lovely moms!
It's like swimming in a sea of color... 
 Check out the snaps above about the amazing number of people who took a splash in the wide ocean of color... below, we award the brilliant young artists who participated in and excelled in the art contest... 
Do you spot the artist who is most special to me? The one who brings so much color and joy to my life... So much to share about this one, but let me save that for another post. And here he is below, offering me his favorite refreshing drink, yummy Ice Blended from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! 
With Jasper Tiongson from Disney who is also an awesome events host! 
 Don't you just love his balloon hat! The performers who did this were amazing. Such a shame that I wasn't able to take a video of them dancing, performing while making really awesome twisted balloon creations! Hats off to the amazing guys of TECTONIX, the dancing balloon show! 
My life is full of colour, and I am forever thankful! I would say that I wear royal purple for my day job, as a corporate manager, blaring bright pink for my hosting gigs, warm green as a mom (for that's my son's favourite colour, and the colour of my alma mater, De La Salle University). How about you, what colours do you fill your life with? 
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