Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hosting the Philippine Society for Quality Awards Night

It has been one dark week for me as it's been 5 days in bed; I've been going crazy as I had been unable to get to work on the tasks for my awesome day job which I truly love (bet papers are piling in my desk, the way my phones also continue to pile up with emails now). Plus, I also missed two hosting gigs (where I was also supposed to meet more people and gain more opportunities) all thanks to my terrible flu, fever and colds. I only have a bit of strength to update my blog tonight and I dream of my beautiful 'next week,' laden with happiness with my day job and the excitement I get from my many, many hosting gigs! So much in store for me, so shoo, colds and flu!
So for now, here is my awesome event last week (before I got sick) for the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY for QUALITY. Such a memorable affair, where the organization awarded the country's movers and shakers when it came to quality control - across a multitude of fields and industries! So happy to be part of this one... excuse my Nanny shawl for I think my sickness started since this night... anyhow, even if I am currently experiencing the blues (like my dress in this photo), I am too sure it will be an awesome November, brimming with blessings, and hopefully I start paying attention to my health too. And while my delirious fever and flu tortured me (imagine 5 days of pondering about your existence, cringing at your past mistakes and crying inside with the things you should have and should not have done), I know that I am still very thankful. Now, I must learn to strive for a high-quality and meaningful life - and that means less regretful thoughts - but more contemplative and prayerful habits, coupled with action. My Quality of Life only comes from myself - an impetus will never come; I just have to be self-motivated and disciplined as I move myself up to where the Lord wants me to be. 

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