Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My PAN-tastic Big Screen Adventure!

A friend flatteringly remarked on my birthday that I don’t seem to be ageing to which I retorted that it was because "I ate fairy dust for breakfast..." (although I cannot say the same now as I am becoming stouter by the day and so I need to get my diet and exercise act straight). And just imagine my excitement upon learning that fairy dust was actually the secret of Captain Blackbeard’s might, strength and youth, in the movie, PAN! I still cannot get over the thrill after watching PAN last night, thanks to Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox Philippines, who invited us to the premier night screening of this delightful film, which was truly special to me, for it had the two essential elements that for me make a memorable film: Spirit and Heart. This truly stirred awake the child in me who believes that someday, I will be able to fly!
First of all, the baby Peter was just so adorable and as this lad grew into Peter, he was absolutely a lovely boy who was perfect for the part! His lovely eyes are like the mermaid lagoon which can drown you in its brightness, beauty and depth! And I can definitely say the same for the rest of the cast, especially Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara), the mermaid (Cara Delevigne) and Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). And while I agree that even Captain Hook (Garett Hedlund) was definitely not how I had expected him to be, he was well cast and endearing, getting me hooked! This movie mounted this classic villainous character into a whole new light that I actually appreciate and admire Hook now! And… I totally need to be Tiger Lily this Halloween!
Best of all, I absolutely loved the Christian undertones as I am a sucker for everything relatable to the Catholic faith. Apart from the classic religious subjects such as “true love,” “sacrifice,” or “free will and its consequences”, I was gripped with themes like how Peter Pan was the prophesied boy who shall return to free his people when the time is right… how he grew up in poverty and hardship… that he was half man, half fairy… and most of all, that he was the son of Mary… I am sure that there is no explanation needed there!
I enlist all of you to catch this high-flying, ship-sailing magical journey before they sail back to Neverland and Never return! It will most certainly awaken that part within us – the little boys (or girls) – who, like Peter Pan will remain young, hopeful and faithful. All you have to do is to fly to the theaters (by thinking of happy things) and it doesn’t get any happier than this movie! Believe me when I say that every bit of this movie is magical! Take the family along because this adventure is so much PAN! I mean, fun!

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