Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Exploring Taiwan with my Tai-One and Only, Matty!

"Im gonna be the very best... like no one ever was..." Yes, insert Pokemon theme song as the caption for this photo. Anticipating his first time in Taiwan, my beloved son was raring to catch wild Pokemon! But obviously we didn't for we didn't have wifi going around and the many other wonders of Taiwan 'caught' our eyes and hearts! As for me, this is already my second time in Taiwan, and I have fallen in love with this country once again as though it was my first time only... 
I got to travel with my mom too, along with our wonderful friends, the Sy family, led by Tita Conchita and Jayson... we are forever grateful for this mesmerising Tai-Wan of a kind experience! Certainly, this is the perfect way to cap off a very blessed year 2016! Great things ahead this 2017! 
Matty and Me at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. 
Again, going back to 2016, we got to travel abroad twice. Thank you Lord God for a memorable 2016... for giving us wonderful gifts and memories! So blessed to be able to bring my son to two countries, earlier in the year to Guam, USA (read back about our Guam-azing time by following this link: Mary and Godric travel the world: GUAM 2016 ) and then to Taiwan with my mom and my beloved not-so-little one! 

First Stop: Taipei Zoo. It was such a memorably fun day time wherein we took the cab from our hotel in Taoyuan then 'trained' it back home. Such a fun two-days in Taipei, proving that Taiwan is so much fun! Or I meant, 'Zoo' much fun!
 Matty and I, one on one at the base of Taipei 101! Excuse my raggedy hair and dazed expression. This was taken  early morning; no time to fix up.
Stop right now... thank you very much. My son doing his signature pose at one of the courtyards of the CSK Memorial field that was every inch historically breathtaking!
My parka-wearing sweetie having a cold drink in the cold weather... just how I am sometimes, enjoying ice cream during chilling rainy days... my son indeed!
We loved eating in Taipei! Especially the street food, Too bad we absolutely have no photos while roaming the Shilin night market because my mom, son and I were too busy eating! Anyway I hope this photo will make up for that... this was taken after we had a long and enjoyable cable car ride... 
True that... we are so glad we made time for Taiwan!
That memorable cable car ride... don't mind our faces, we had a lot of fun... okay we got a bit nauseous and dizzy and all but it was one ride worth taking! 
We had so much fun! Thank you Taiwan for the amazing memories, the honest and good people especially the cab drivers and basically everyone else who figured out we were tourists and never did once try to take advantage of us. Thank you Taipei, Taoyuan, Taiwan! TAIWANNA visit you again... hopefully another trip this 2017! 
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