Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happily hosted the launch of SM Cinema's Family Movie Day Program at SM Southmall!

Simply over the moon to emcee SM Cinema's latest campaign, a meaningful treat for families: the SM Cinema Family Movie Day! But first, please watch my opening video / booth visit clip:
The movie featured in this kick-off event, which was made in partnership with Crystal Sky films was no less than the classic tale of the puppet who became a boy, Pinocchio! So let me summarise this amazing family fun day with P.I.N.O.C.C.H.I.O:
P stands for Party and Prizes! Yes, we played a ton of heart-pumping games, and check out my videos below as I played with the awesome kids and kids-at-heart during this movie-riffic party. 
I is for Intense. Yes, every bit of it was amazing, especially the creative and inspiring art booths. But for me and my son Matthew, this was our hands-down fave: Check my athletic son out as he plays against the elements below. Wish I could have played this too! 
N is for New... so many new ideas from the booths, games and performances! Made a new friend too, now don't be so blue! 
Outrageous! Every part of this was exhilarating indeed! And it was slightly hot too, I was sweating for the place was beyond sardine-packed lol. But anyway it's all good, always bringing my A Game no matter how hot, tiring or stressful it may be... 
C ... is for Creativity and Color! Kudos to the amazing SM CINEMA Family Entertainment / Lifestyle / Leisure group for coming up with such a cool and colourful event! 
C ... Hmm this can mean cute.. cool or crazy... well, I guess it's all three! 
 H is Holistic - it was perfect for each member of the family - from the little ones all the way to the parents and even grand parents! Everyone surely had a grand time and I can very well speak for my family and friends who came to have fun too! Hooray for family movie day!
 I? I stands for Incredible. From start to finish! So stoked were we that we had the I-nergy to even go around, my boy in his roller blades after!
O is for Overly Grateful. Thank you so much, SM Cinema for this amazing experience! I  can't help but reminisce another exciting event I hosted for them; check out my previous blog post about that equally spectacular event and movie experience right here: Marylaine Viernes emcees SM Cinema's Express Yourself: Inside Out Movie Premiere Party! 
Lastly, please click on my other external links below too, thank you! 
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P.S.: How cute are these green gummies? Check out these bear-y big and bear-y sweet snacks for me and my buddy, adding to our excitement and energy during this day-long movie adventure! Sugar high to the max! 

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