Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sharing my True Colors at the Inside Out Party and Movie Premiere

I am still buzzing from the awesome "Express Yourself" party and parenting workshop presented by SM Cinema, Snack Time and the top parenting magazine - Smart Parenting by Summit Media! This unforgettable family party was the exciting prelude to the premiere screening of Inside Out, Disney Pixar's much-anticipated movie! 
Part 1: Sharing My True Colors
Mesmerised was I to walk into such a gleeful affair which brimmed of so much Joy and Love!  I am so thankful to emcee this parenting workshop that brimmed with tons of informative activities and freebies! Our speakers for the day were Chef Roselle Miranda, Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, and of course the creative mind behind Color Me Doodle, Mark Dean Lim! As usual I was in my element; more than just being a passionate host, I too am a parent - an honor  and blessing that is life-changing; extremely humbling yet empowering at the same time. I had so much fun learning with Smart Parents - all who strive to give their children the best childhood possible. And I am certain that thanks to SM Cinema, Snack Time and Smart Parenting, this memorable experience will go a long way in the hearts of all the kids (including mine) as the bond between parent and child grows stronger! Thank you so much to the wonderful SM Cinema team (led by their gorgeous, smart and sweet PR Head, Ms. Stephanie Henares who also shared some of their photos for my blog), and of course, my Summit Media family! Check out these parents and kids! We even had actress & glam mom, Ms. Gladys Reyes present! 
PINOY PRIDE: Filipino Ronaldo De Carmen co-directed Inside Out with Peter Docter and naturally, the film received critical praise for its concept and moving on story on family, which were successfully presented in an entertaining and easily understandable manner. Sorry for sounding so redundant but I feel honored and blessed beyond words to be part of this affair! 
Kids loving their balloons from Krispy Kreme and their loud, happy screams! 
Part 2: My Movie Rave-view for INSIDE OUT:
The movie made me understand so much not just a mom, but most of all, as a woman. So many times, like Riley - I have let ANGER steer me and this resulted to mistakes and regrets that I continue to work on this day. The movie is about more than just the voices in our heads. It truly reaches to the depths of our hearts. I won't spoil it for you; all I can say is that you'll love it!
I don't know, I guess it's the little girl inside me that cried when Riley's imaginary friend, Bingbong that adorable pink, fluffy cotton candy hybrid of sorts gave way to the more important emotions as Riley matured. I guess that is how it is - letting go is so beautifully painful. But in letting go can we only find growth beyond wonder. Here I am below with JOY and ANGER - two of the main characters of this really, really amazing animated movie!  
You won't regret anticipating the movie so much. Every scene was perfect. More than just a movie it was an experience. Kudos to my friends who bought their tickets in advance! To those who'd like to learn more about Inside Out and of course the many amazing promos of SM Cinema, please click this link to visit the Official Website of SM CinemaThanks for dropping by. Enjoy the movie!
- Marylaine Louise Viernes

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