Monday, September 7, 2015

School is Super Cool with the Total Girl School Tour!

Total Girl Talk is Back! And this time, we've got more surprises for everyone! I've blogged about my adventures with Total Girl last year, and also our TG (true gear) for school - Post-It and Scotch goodies by 3M Philippines, so let me just share the highlights of our recent fun TG party at Angelicum College... 
Back in the zone... I have always dreaded the thought of going back to school; I'd even have nightmares of still being in College (far from graduating) all because I have always sought to be independent and to reach for my dreams, like a hatchling raring to finally fly. But thanks to TG, the li'l girl in me is starting to love school again... 
I love this - one of the slides of my fellow TG ate and speaker, the lovely and inspiring Ines Bautista Yao who spoke about reaching for your dreams! I am so glad that I have been living one of my dreams - and that is to be an events host! And the best part is that I am able to do it, have fun, learn and earn plus meet wonderful people while I work on my other big dreams...  I am truly thankful to the generous Father for all my amazing blessings!!! 
Such an awesome day! Like these gals, I got so caught up in the energy and fun during this remarkably fun day!!! I guess here, I was trying to coach these adorable TG's as they made their dream boards!!! 
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