Wednesday, April 4, 2018

'LEGO' have some fun at Lego Heartlake City!

We built this city... we built this city on LEGO! Finally, much to my son's glee, I've landed a Lego hosting gig! And now, say hi to Olivia from Lego Friends! 
My big smile (below) says it all. I just love what I do. I know I wear the crown as the events hosting queen here, and I intend to hold on to my scepter (the microphone) for as long as I can! 
Those who know me well as an events host / emcee know and appreciate the fact that I always come well-dressed for the affair, and I am proud to say that I am among the few versatile speaker / events hosts out there. I always look apt for the occasion and when it comes to kids' events such as this one, I totally come in my character inspired look, especially for the events I've done for Disney, Barbie, Monster High, Shopkins, Peppa Pig, and now Lego... 
This was totally the look I was going for... well, at least I got to copy Olivia's 'do. 
 I am absolutely grateful for events wherein I can involve my growing boy. Photo above shows my dear son Matty brick-ing his back over his newest masterpiece... and photo below: Viola! His obra maestra! Am so proud of my little builder! 
 Thank you so much LEGO Philippines for letting me and my son have a grand time! You've definitely helped him achieve one of his many, many kiddy playtime dreams, and best of all... thanks for the loot too! Now we have more LEGO bricks to add to his already mountainous collection! 
And the best part about our LEGO Friends playtime party experience was that my son was able to make new Friends! Hooray for Lego! Hooray for Friends! Hooray for Lego Friends! 
Check out the grandeur of Lego Friends' Heart Lake City below... if only this was a real place... I'd love to hang out at this spot all day long... 
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