Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It's good to be Bax: Hosting for Kriska and Francis Bacani's breathtaking beach wedding!

Oh to be in love! I may be wearing blue, but certainly not feeling blue as I lead the wedding of adorable couple, Kriska and Francis... The Bacanis, or simply Bax! Photo above with the beautiful couple at their reception and their best man, the groom's best friend, Justin. 
 Sunsets are simply awe-inspiring... what an honour to host for the Bacani's special day on such a breathtaking day! 
The venue they chose, this lush coco grove resort proves to be such a magnificent backdrop to this very special memory, the first step to forever for lovers Kriska and Francis...  
 And I arrived with my very own handsome date, who was such a good boy throughout the night as his mommy worked hard to give the couple and their guests an entertaining and meaningful wedding reception program! 
Set in a breathtaking beach resort, at Laiya Coco Grove, this super cute couple who have been friends since forever (by forever I mean college) were actually my batch mates in De La Salle University Manila. And today, they look youthful as ever and still very much in love. 
I give props to Kriska who has been the coolest bride ever! She is no bride-zilla, she had been chill throughout the one year planning stage of her wedding, where she booked me already a year before the big day!
Thank you so much to the beautiful Bacani couple, and may this beautiful new chapter of your lives be filled with love, prosperity and happiness... 
Cheers to a lifetime of joy and true love!
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