Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I am Woman, hear me Roar! And hear me Raj as I share the stage with beauty queen, Venus Raj!

The past lovely month of March acknowledges the power of women, as we continue to March forward. Malls come up with their very own events, and I too have been able to host a few events that celebrate the Women of today. I would say the cherry on top of my March projects would be #BeautyinMe event featuring no less than beauty queen (and who became a worldwide sensation when she popularised 'Major,major,' Ms. Venus Raj! 
 So, I may look like a dwarf beside this towering beauty queen, but this event has taught me that True Beauty knows no size, weight, colour, height and all the many other restrictions. True Beauty comes out when you learn to be and love who you are...
And... even the boss of the mall is a stunningly gorgeous lady! Here she is awarding Tom Epperson and Venus Raj the plaques of appreciation for their astounding support towards this cause... 
Apart from meeting Venus Raj, as well as these extraordinary women featured in the exhibit and whose beauty transcends just the physical, I also got to work with the man behind the lens who sees the distinct beauty in each of these ladies, and he is no less than one of the most respected photographers in the region, Mr. Tom Epperson. 
 I just had to pose with Tom Epperson. But more than just photo master, Tom and I in this photo, do check out our backdrop... those are his snaps on canvas of these empowered, beautiful women featured in the exhibit, whose unique physical beauty he was captured on the lens.... Each subject told a very special story that defined her and her wonderful role in life. Beautiful faces with even more beautiful stores to tell! 
And now, it's time for an Empowered Woman Groupfie! Cheers!!!
Now, please indulge me as I share some photos... not taken by Tom Epperson, but still captures that happiness I had hosting this meaningful affair. I think that in this moment, I was truly beautiful... 
Thank You once again to my good Lord, and to the love that manifests by way of friends and clients who continue to believe in my capabilities as an events host / emcee and speaker. For more about my portfolio as a humbled yet somewhat established events host, hope you can visit these links below, too! 
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