Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Decades and decadence: the scintillating Alorica year-end party I hosted with Sam YG!

First time for me to share the stage with one of the most super-celebrity hosts in the country, the amazing Mr. Sam Gogna, or more popularly known as Sam YG! This was such a big-time event, and I had to make sure I came fit for its theme, "Decades."
This was the best look I could muster, a bit of Flapper-inspired, all while sticking to Alorica Philippines' royal blue and orange corporate hues... hope you like it as much as I loved styling myself and playing dress up for this superb occasion!
 Here I was leading one of the raffle draws along with one of the employees of Alorica... 
 The night was so grand. This time, apart from the Alorica employees, Sam and I welcomes some of the VIPs of Alorica, especially their president, Mr. Bong Borja, on the microphone exciting everyone with the really, really grand surprises still to come their way...
And here was the standee to our dressing / holding area... awww, I feel so special to have my name not just alongside Sam, but also two of the country's hottest, most popular bands ever! South Border has been around since the '90s too; ask a '90s kid like me!
I also did my own hair and makeup as I wanted the look to be perfect for the night's theme! I had in mind the elements of Great Gatsby as I prepared for this event... 
And here was one of my favorite solo snaps of this night... 
And the same shot in black and white... for that added "decades" feel... What do you think is nicer?
It was not just an honor to host alongside SamYG... it was also a ton of fun! 
And of course I saw a few old friends, especially this lovely young lady, my high school mate... she is working for Alorica now, and I am so happy to bump into her this evening! 
Thanks for dropping by my blog today! Hope to see you here again, Sam other time!
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