Monday, March 6, 2017

Only Cherifer can make me dance like nobody's watching! Hosting for Cherifer's family fun day!

And I am back with Kuya Jazper for another awesome event with Cherifer Tangkad Sagad! But first, here's a look back at our earlier Camp Tangkad event, held at Marquee Mall: Marylaine Viernes ushers in genuine fun as she hosts for Cherifer!
So we sing in the shower, and dance like we can fly, to our favourite tunes, witnessed only by the eyes of our minds. While I am quite comfortable while I am working the mic onstage, I would say that dancing with my awesome co-host Jazper on the Cherifer stage was really the craziest thing I've done as of late! Here are some of my clips dancing thanks to Jazper and Cherifer Boy! Can you tell just how "Happy" I was here? 
And here's two clips of Kuya Jazper and I, doing our opening & sponsor spiels, along with me explaining more about this enriching and exciting event's mechanics... 
Now, in this clip, I get to interview some of our awesome participants...  click the play button to watch! 
And more dancing!!! This time, we get to dance and play games and dance and play some more! This has already become a habit for me.. thanks to this event, I've lost all my inhibitions and dance when the situation calls for it... 
We look like young kids don't we? I guess we will be forever young at heart... And we certainly love our jobs as events hosts. Like me, Jazper has a day job too, and we only do this on the side... ah the perks of being loquacious and loud! 
 Big, big thanks to Cherifer CGF for getting me and Jazper again to jazz up this family fun day! 
Thanks for buzzing by; please visit the following links below too for more of my past hosting gigs! Keep dancing to the tune of life! 

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