Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Alog Ka-Partner Awards Night

So honoured was I to emcee for Alog & Co. once more for another unforgettable evening, this time for their 2016 Ka-Partner Awards Ceremony, held at the Alphaland Makati Place, where their most esteemed partners and clients came for a night of celebration and recognition, peppered with fun music and dancing!
The Alog & Co. group is also very special to me as they have been getting to host some of their events annually especially during the holiday season. I am very happy to lead their meaningful awards ceremony, a testament of their humility and grace in spite of being one of the largest and most respected names in their field... Congratulations to ALOG & Company! Wishing you and your distinguished industry partners many more years of success! 
Forgive my meagre and amateurish photos as I was unaccompanied during this evening, so I had to resort to asking waiters, random tech supplier guys or whomever I chance upon to take my photos during this event... 
Here I was above with the Chairman, Mr. Dionisio Alog, and below at the photo booth with one of their party guests, popular athlete and professional basketball player, Ali Peek... 
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