Friday, February 19, 2016

My grandest treasures at the Grand Baby Fair Pirate Funland Adventure!

My heart still sings whenever I relive my fond memories as main host a.k.a. First Mate Mary during Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair with this year's arrr-mazing pirate fun land theme! It was one unforgettable voyage that would need three more blog posts for I have endless thoughts to share about it! But of course before anything else, I would like to share the finest treasures I got as a shopper and a parent! Along with all the happily shopping & blooming preggy mermaid-mommies plus their supportive shopping buddies, the Captain-daddies, my pirate crew and I were constantly on the the lookout for the finest loot: only the best products for our kids, especially for the littlest pirates-in-training (or perhaps pirates in potty training). And the best part of this unforgettable treasure-hunting was that we almost got everything for free as the discounts were tremendous, greater than the seven seas, only here in the most anticipated annual parenting party, the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair! 
Smooth Sailing with Cordlife: One Chance One Choice. I am so glad to see the awesome and supportive CORDLIFE team busy as usual to cater to all the questions and needs of preggy mommies and even those planning to start their families. Definitely, this company is beyond exceptional and trust-worthy medical services such as expert and unparalleled cord blood banking, Metascreen to name a few. They are all about securing the most valuable treasures of our lives, our children! 
Sweets for sweet, FARLIN for my Darlin'. Always a pleasure to see my wonderful and thoughtful friends from FARLIN! Near... FAR(lin) wherever you are... makes you sing right? Indeed, whether the journey with your kids are near (maybe in play school or to the mall), or very far (overseas or out of town) make sure you have your trusty goodies from Farlin, especially their wipes which I definitely love and use all the time! 
AHOY There! At the FARLIN Booth with pretty bosses, Ms. Mich and Ross. Excuse our crazy facial expressions... 
Giant Carrier: Baby's Greatest Treasure! Loo loo, SKIPPER balloo... Skipper is my darling! Can't get enough of dear sweet baby Skipper, Giant Carrier's adorable official mascot! Just have to say just like Giant Carrier... this baby is a Giant too! 
Below, with the wonderful CLC Giant Carrier family... including the amazingly handsome and kind Giant Carrier bosses-slash-pirates, Sirs Lincoln and Lester Ching! So I guess Skipper looks like them? 
I like gold ships, I like silver ships... but the best of all... is FRIENDSHIP! Here below with one of my prized treasures, my BFF Chef Dang Adrias, celebrity Chef and super mommy of three! She whipped up a phenomenal batch of unforgettably good carrot cupcakes... Those yummy treats were delectable treasures indeed! 
About now, about my life's greatest treasure who has grown from being a toddler excitedly attending my past Baby Company Grand Baby Fair events to now a smart and curious lad who enjoys spending time with his own buddies... 
Buddies for Life: pirate captain Jared and my beloved pirate captain Matthew... little super heroes... who are also super handsome!
Of pirates and mermaids: Look what my adorable Pirate boys caught: a lovely mermaid princess!!! She is their sweet, pretty and mermaidsmerizing classmate and buddy, Arianna... 
Hope you liked my top BABY COMPANY shopping picks... imagine me humming a happy tune as I enumerated this list above, as I swam back to this sea of fabulous finds and best bargains! These are my all-time favorite finds and also they top in other mommy and daddy shopping lists too! Please do check back on my pirate blog-o-ship as I share more about the exciting, swash-buckling expeditions I've had as a host, especially the mesmerising pirate queens (Baby Company mommies such as Danica Sotto Pingris, Andi Manzano, Precious Lara Quigaman, etc.) whom I've met in this SHIPeriffic and PIRATErrific journey! 3 more blog posts coming up soon, that this 3-day adventure deserves...

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