Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I am thankful to Doc Susan Co Dela Fuente, for granting me the honor of hosting their Grand 30th Anniversary and Thanksgiving Party amid the sea of beautiful and talented celebrities who are also their endorsers. It was a night I will never forget as I was the Master of Ceremony at the hottest event in Solaire resort and casino, brimming with people who are beautiful inside and out, and who all came together to celebrate the success of PRETTYLOOKS for the past 30 years!  

As a guest of honor, we had the timeless beauty, Ms. Cory Quirino, inspire us all on how to look good and feel even better! 

Everywhere I look, I see PRETTY: Some of the gorgeous endorsers of the aesthetic center, include Ms. Minnie Aguilar, Princess Snell, Sheree (former Viva Hot Babes) and Ms. Lindsay Custodio. 

It may have been one star-studded affair, but for me, the real Stars, or the Pearls, of the evening were no less than Ms. Susan Dela Fuente, and her lovely daughter, Ms. Steffi Blair Ong. This party was not just about giving thanks for the 30 fruitful years and success in PRETTY-fying people, but it was also the turnover of the business to Ms. Steffi Blair, who promised to continue her mom's legacy, if not, take it up higher! 

The 30th year is said to be the PEARL Anniversary. I love pearls! I wear them everyday to add elegance to my simple office outfits. But I admire and appreciate Pearls more, when I am reminded of these amazing trivia, which I would like to share: 

1. Pearls are the ONLY gemstones made by living animals, specifically the mollusks (oysters) which produce these pearls within its shells. Once pearls are harvested, the mollusk can re-implant and produce again.

2. Pearls actually take the colors of the inside of the oyster shells within which they grow. These may range from white, gold, purple to black. 

3. Each pearl is unique; no two are alike and each comes with imperfections on its shape. 

4. The formation of a natural pearl begins when a foreign matter slips in between the oyster shell valves and irritates the mantle, the organ responsible for forming the shell. It's like getting a splinter, and naturally it reacts by defensively covering up that irritant with the same material that its shell is made of. After a while, this becomes the precious Pearl. 

I can think of so many insights at the majesty of pearls, but let me save that for another post! 

BELOW: Blair and I were so busy that night, but below, I managed to snag a selfie with the new boss of PRETTYLOOKS, looking so majestic in her pink ball gown! Excuse my giddy expression please! 

Another selfie with Ms. Lindsay Custodio, who did not even change one bit since I was watching her on TV, during her Ang TV Days! Testament to the brilliance of PRETTYLOOKS in making your beauty last forever... 

Gone are the days when being beautiful or working hard at it was something vain or shallow. Nowadays, physical qualities which bring out confidence, have been correlated with the chance of success. Of course, beauty is just one element in the formula of success, but it wouldn't hurt to take good care of yourself, because feeling good can start with looking good! 

But be sure to not just entrust yourself - especially your skin and faces to anyone. Learn what PRETTYLOOKS can do for you! Age is just a number, just as PRETTYLOOKS may be 30 years old, but their expertise is as strong and in-demand as ever! Check out  www.prettylooks.com.ph on how you can start enhancing your God-given beauty and empowering your life today. 

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