Saturday, April 14, 2018

The SM Kids Casting Call Fashion Finale Gala with celebrity model Hideo Muraoka

It's a wrap! Sadly, the string of SM Kids Casting call fashion events I've done for this summer now comes to a close. This time, SM Kids Fashion made it extra special by inviting Brazilian athlete and model, Hideo Muraoka to take part and also give advice to our really sweet, smart and confident little model aspirants...
I'm supposed to be the master of ceremonies, but these kids are the real masters when it comes to modelling! 
Okay, let me just stick to and keep dominating my own runway which is emceeing and hosting. I'm so un-photogenic and you can't count on me when it comes to posing and modelling;
We all could certainly learn a thing or two from these kids when it comes to setting the runway on fire... check these mini supermodels out!
Happy to have worked with these pros; here's our "graduation" snap! 
Here's a look back at my opening video for this fab event culmination:
Lastly, my video as I did the standard pre-program voice-over invites: 
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