Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gifted: A very special big-screen present for families, from 20th Century Fox!

So many thoughts are swirling on my mind and I just don't know how to start this movie review. All I know is that I absolutely loved Warner Brothers Philippines / 20th Century Fox Philippines latest gift for my family and I: invites to the exclusive premier night screening of 'Gifted' movie. Let me try to jot down some of the things running into my head right now: 
1. Kenna make my heart sing? She sure ken! I can't believe that my newest life idol is a little girl in the person of McKenna Grace! Her superb, truly flawless acting makes my heart sing, and one blog post is not enough to describe how she has mesmerised us viewers! A breath of fresh air, she truly deserves this role. She just has the most beautiful face I've ever seen, and keep it up little girl, you will soon be the next big star, with the face of a blonde Anne Hathaway. If stats for Google searches for McKenna Grace skyrocketed, you can attribute some of it to me. I loved this young superstar in the movie; I could not think of any other child actress who can give life to "Mary" the way she did. Plus, her chemistry with her onscreen uncle, Chris Evans is arresting that you forget it's a movie; you'd think they've known each other for McKenna's lifetime. And Mary, that mathematics doyen and her two missing front teeth couldn't get any cuter! (Since I went ballistic googling about McKenna Grace who portrays math prodigy Mary after seeing the movie, I've watched a few of her promos for the movie and with her wits and mature stature, her real nature isn't far from her big screen persona). I am certain once you see this heart-warming movie, you will fall in love with this precious, endearing and vivacious little girl too! 
2. Chris Evans as Frank Adler. He and his sexy, rock-hard abs didn't appeal to me back when he shot into stardom as the cocky 'Human Torch' from the Fantastic Four franchise. When he moved on to becoming an Avenger (and how he betrayed Tony), I truly abhorred him. So how ironic is it that I have now fallen in love with Chris Evans in his humble role and yet I have fallen in love with him? In the movie, Chris Evans shows a surprisingly gentle side to him as he portrays the guardian and uncle of math prodigy, Mary Aileen. Since I can't spoil it all for you, let me just share this still, from of my most favourite scenes!
3. Jordan Ellenburg. What I loved about this movie apart from how it grips your heart, is how factual its phantasm is... how truly profound the struggle of a single uncle is, how his beauty shines through the magic of what makes his niece extra special. Thanks to Jordan Ellenburg who has shared not just his mind but also his heart to make the movie dynamic and realistic, the movie lets you into the reality of how it is to have a gifted child, and the struggles of those who truly care, versus those who just see a resource and aim to exploit it, for the so-called greater picture. Indeed, quite a lot to digest. And I can't even digest a basic algebra problem! 
4. The Navier Stokes. Now, on to more stuff my puny brain and I just can't handle. This movie puts on the microscope on an unsolved mystery in the world of mathematics, one of the six problems left out of the seven Millenium Prize Problems yet to be explained. This involves how pressure, velocity, temperature and density of a moving fluid are related. Such a beautifully mysterious concept was chosen by the movie writer, Tom Flynn because of the important consequences it could have in the real world if it were solved, such as the physical phenomena, turbulence, which is of critical importance to engineers and scientists. Concepts like this are still not fully understood in terms of mathematical equations, and perhaps the solution to the Navier-Stokes would shed light to this. And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, I stick to hosting and writing. I do not understand one bit these bizarre symbols and all. All I know is that this movie is a solution to all your blues; watch it; more than a movie it's like a big, big hug to all those whose life centres around a young child, gifted or not, and the sacrifices it entails and the mistakes and triumphs along the way. 
I am no mathematical doyen, but I am a self-declared movie virtuoso; for it doesn't take a genius to know if a movie is worth the spend! For a feel-good and truly delightful time with your loved ones, watch Gifted in your favorite Ayala Mall soon! I would highly suggest you enjoy it soon at my newest favorite Ayala Mall, The 30th!
Thanks for dropping by; hope you like my review as much as I loved the movie! Please do click on these other links below, for more about my life and experiences as a Gifted (I'd like to think that, LOL) professional events host / emcee: 
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