Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Master of Ceremonies for Marikina Valley Medical Center, MVMC's 10th year Anniversary!

Unable to take any proper photos at all, but that won't stop me from blogging about this phenomenal event: Marikina Valley Medical Centre, MVMC's 10th year anniversary; but that is not all, for this night was also a toast to the hospital's important milestone: becoming part of the MPIC Hospital Network. Here's a video of this splendid occasion: 
Excuse the photo above... only one of the few times I am forced to take a Selfie! And photo below was of me in action. LOL. And that's about the only other photo that I've got of this night. I was without a companion, but it was still a perfect gig! I had the opportunity of meeting the wonderful people behind MVMC, like President Lyle Morrell and Ms. Grace Aba... thank you for the chance and honor to be your emcee! Plus the shirt I wore, with the big 1-0... I belong! 
And one of the extra special surprises of this night was having was my name actually printed out in all of the programmes, seen on every single table... sweet! Yup, the MC of MVMC, reporting for duty!
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