Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kicking Off 2015 with Convergys Libis

I welcomed 2015 with my first-ever hosting gig for the year! Got the pleasure of being the host of Convergys for their New Year kick-off party. It was a crowd of almost 500, and every bit of it was fun and the program reflected the talent and passion of the people working for this esteemed BPO company.

What I loved most about the party was that the festivities were so grand and yet people were so humble and basically laughed and clapped along with me all the time and my corny jokes were sold out at this event! Theme was Glow and Growth, so excuse my amateur dark photos! We were all shining bright like diamonds that night.

Highlights of the part apart from the usual Star of the Night awarding was the "Let it Glow," where a representative per team would belt out this famous Disney song but replace it with lyrics reflecting their teams' values and goals. 

The other one which was called "Glow and Show" was a freehand talent show and this fun activity proved that these hardworking people were not just resourceful and hard driven, but also very thankful to the company. In everythig we must give thanks as I believe that positively and gratitude is the indefatigable Stream of Heavenly Grace. 

What a great start! I'm looking forward to a 2015 brimming with joy, blessings, good health and energy (despite tons of work and activities) and so much love and wisdom! Thanks, Convergys CVG for letting me crash your awesome party! Keep Growing and Glowing! 

- Marylaine Viernes 

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