Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shinin' just like a pearl... with Barbie!

I continue to swim and emcee for this pink, dreamy and DOLL-lightful sea with Barbie! Allow me to now feature Day # 3 of my four fantastic underwater adventures with Barbie! I absolutely love my mermaid head dress reminiscent of life under the sea, in celebration of Barbie's latest movie, BARBIE THE PEARL PRINCESS! 

I came in extra early and a bit too excited to meet the Barbie girls, so I got busy and took myself some Shell-fies...

 As always, I had so much fun swimming with the mermaids on stage and giving away a ton of amazing prizes from Barbie! All these amazing activities leading to our fourth and final day's amazing SEA-prise (Surprise) ! 

Can you spot that lovely little mermaid girl above? She is too adorable!!! Kudos to her loving mom for going all out and letting her join most of our events! She is a mermaid princess, indeed! 

Can't let these lovely little mermaid princesses swim away without having a group Shell-fie, of course! I just love my Barbie gals and my Barbie shows! 

See you again tomorrow, Barbie gals for the Pink-tastic FIN-ale of our grand Barbie Pearl Princess party, where we will be meeting and greeting a live mermaid princess! Oh I am just so excited! 

I just want to share another Pearl of Wisdom for Life and Work: Remember that in every hard, forbidding clam shell  is a beautiful Pearl waiting to be discovered. Likewise, we must remember that wherever we look upon this earth, the opportunities take shape WITHIN the problems... so never working with faith, hope and integrity... dive deep and open that clam up, no matter how hard or unrelenting it may seem, until you finally and claim the Pearl of your Dreams!!! 

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