Thursday, February 23, 2017

MINISO Blessed! The inauguration of the 10th store of Miniso Philippines!

Kagami Biraki!!! This interesting new word points out to a Japanese tradition that means to "Open the Mirror." This is considered to be an auspicious act and said to be done in the greatest occasions of life. In Japan, sometimes mochi is the one being opened / broken open, to bring in good luck. This concept was something that I've learned thanks to my latest greatest blessing: hosting for MINISO! This gig had me driving all the way to Bulacan for the unveiling of the brand's 10th store but it was all worth it! Apart from the fanfare and the excitement (and the really awe-inspiring confetti blast) it was seeing an old, dear friend, Mr. Andrew Ybardolaza again that made it extra special. He is the pioneer marketing & business development manager of Miniso since the brand was launched last year, June 2016. This year, thanks to this top brand's innate magic, exemplary leadership, and of course, my friend Andrew's huge contribution, Miniso will open 40 stores this 2017 alone. Can you say amazing? 
I really loved my Miniso weekend. Here's a few videos of the mesmerizing day, wherein we also had teen stars, Bianca Umali and Jerik Garcia lead the festivities and draw in people who were not just crazy for these stars, but also for shopping. As to those crazy about Miniso? Count me in! I've always been crazy about Miniso, and the addiction is worsening! My first clip below shows me inviting everyone to be just like me... crazy for shopping at Miniso! 
Omedetogozaimasu! Congratulations, MINISO Philippines!!! What great energy that day... Just like the vibe and excitement you get when shopping at Miniso! 
And now, I can't end this post by just sharing about my hosting gig for Miniso. I need to show you all the items I bought that day (pffft... there goes my professional fee!) First off, my really cute bright red backpack-style sling bag... this is perfect for me as I love sling bags! My two iPhones and other essentials fit in just right, especially as I am one busy person!
Because I am blessed to host a ton of events, I need to make myself up all the time... it's so much fun to put on makeup, but I hate the work I put into removing my makeup. In fact, I can put my makeup with my eyes closed, but when it comes to removing my makeup, it seems to take much more time and effort than putting makeup on! Good thing Miniso has these! One blot and the cake-up and stubborn waterproof mascara is all gone! And these are gentle on my skin too - that is the most important! 
Lastly, for me and my mom's tired feet, I got these pairs... and they are phenomenal, I feel like I am walking on clouds! So much comfort and ease whenever I wear these... wish I can wear these at work and during my hosting gigs... LOL.  
I have so much more to share, especially as I will also be embarking on my second emceeing gig with Miniso, for the opening of MINISO SM CENTER Sangandaan! I am so excited for that! But for now, I need to shop some more. Thanks for dropping by, and please do click on these links below for more of my work as an events host:   
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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Magic and Masquerade at the Panalpina GBS Christmas and 2017 Kick-off Party!

I am so blessed to emcee for Panalpina GBS once again! This year's mesmerising kick-off party, which also served as the company's Christmas and Thanksgiving gala was held at Blue Leaf Pilipinas, City of Dreams, boasting of such a meaningful and exciting program that was vibrant from start to finish. Masks, anyone?
The night was all about good news, how the company has achieved their targets for 2016, and is even gearing for expansion this 2017. And why not, with the excellence, dedication and vision of their leaders? In fact, here I am with one of Panalpina GBS' head honchos who had opened the night with a beautiful prayer: 
And now, please watch this clip as I did my opening spiels... I still  love reminiscing about this dreamy night... 
A big hug to Paramint, led by husband and wife, Jan and Nikita Paola Sebial! They are top of mind when it comes to events organization, conceptualization and even creatives and stage design... just look at the perfect execution of Panalpina's White Masquerade Ball theme! Such a joy to work with Paramint and Panalpina. Speaking of, joy, here I was in a candid shot with another one of the head honchos of the company during one of my floor interactions during the program:
Lastly, I closed the program with my favorite story, my gift and expression of thanks to the company for again believing in me. This story never grows old; I never get tired of repeating this countlessly in most of my events, with the hope of stirring someone's soul. Hope you never get tired of me saying this captivating Christmas story too...
You can see how I just loved to dress up for this occasion! My gorgeous dress from topped with my my dainty blue butterfly mask to gel into the masquerade look. But to complete my look, I did my own hairdo; did this rushing from an earlier event that day to make it in time for this one. And with my eyes closed. This is the finished product, viola! I hope you like it! Doing my hair and makeup is always a hit or miss, but this braided, weaved up 'do was good enough for me. Oh, the life of an events host... always on the road!
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Exploring Taiwan with my Tai-One and Only, Matty!

"Im gonna be the very best... like no one ever was..." Yes, insert Pokemon theme song as the caption for this photo. Anticipating his first time in Taiwan, my beloved son was raring to catch wild Pokemon! But obviously we didn't for we didn't have wifi going around and the many other wonders of Taiwan 'caught' our eyes and hearts! As for me, this is already my second time in Taiwan, and I have fallen in love with this country once again as though it was my first time only... 
I got to travel with my mom too, along with our wonderful friends, the Sy family, led by Tita Conchita and Jayson... we are forever grateful for this mesmerising Tai-Wan of a kind experience! Certainly, this is the perfect way to cap off a very blessed year 2016! Great things ahead this 2017! 
Matty and Me at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. 
Again, going back to 2016, we got to travel abroad twice. Thank you Lord God for a memorable 2016... for giving us wonderful gifts and memories! So blessed to be able to bring my son to two countries, earlier in the year to Guam, USA (read back about our Guam-azing time by following this link: Mary and Godric travel the world: GUAM 2016 ) and then to Taiwan with my mom and my beloved not-so-little one! 

First Stop: Taipei Zoo. It was such a memorably fun day time wherein we took the cab from our hotel in Taoyuan then 'trained' it back home. Such a fun two-days in Taipei, proving that Taiwan is so much fun! Or I meant, 'Zoo' much fun!
 Matty and I, one on one at the base of Taipei 101! Excuse my raggedy hair and dazed expression. This was taken  early morning; no time to fix up.
Stop right now... thank you very much. My son doing his signature pose at one of the courtyards of the CSK Memorial field that was every inch historically breathtaking!
My parka-wearing sweetie having a cold drink in the cold weather... just how I am sometimes, enjoying ice cream during chilling rainy days... my son indeed!
We loved eating in Taipei! Especially the street food, Too bad we absolutely have no photos while roaming the Shilin night market because my mom, son and I were too busy eating! Anyway I hope this photo will make up for that... this was taken after we had a long and enjoyable cable car ride... 
True that... we are so glad we made time for Taiwan!
That memorable cable car ride... don't mind our faces, we had a lot of fun... okay we got a bit nauseous and dizzy and all but it was one ride worth taking! 
We had so much fun! Thank you Taiwan for the amazing memories, the honest and good people especially the cab drivers and basically everyone else who figured out we were tourists and never did once try to take advantage of us. Thank you Taipei, Taoyuan, Taiwan! TAIWANNA visit you again... hopefully another trip this 2017! 
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A toast to Philippine culture and excellence at the office inauguration of DB Schenker

I feel really so blessed each time I emcee events. I obviously love this craft much, and the appreciation of the new people that I meet is the cherry on top. This time, I get to be master of ceremonies for DB Schenker, as they opened their newest branch at the heart of BGC! First off, a video from the opening ceremony... 
This event boasted of a pure Filipino flair, from the overall event set-up, stage design and backdrop, the dress code, dinner and of course, the program, that brimmed of the beauty of Filipino culture, especially as guests from DB Schenkers' headquarters flew in all the way from Germany to take part of this very special night! Here's another glimpse of the night on video...
Here's a candid snap of the evening as I introduced one of the principals from Germany... 
First dibs on the DBS Asia Pacific Head Quarters' perfect walls... couldn't resist taking countless selfies, all thanks to the wonderful George Urbano and the rest of his awesome team from Dreamcast EventsThank you so much for making me part of this splendid night... where I got to value my roots while appreciating others'... 
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Friday, February 10, 2017

A tribute to our dear baby tortoise and treasure, Hosea, whose name means, 'Saviour'

Please indulge me as I recount the tragedy that had transpired last January 31, 2017, when my beloved pet, Hosea, a year-old Sulcata tortoise died due to the appalling cluelessness and heartlessness of a veterinarian taking cues from a supposed 'exotic pet veterinarian,' who was clearly only after profit, at the expense of my pet. This will hopefully be the last step before I close my period of grieving. I know that our dearest one, Hosea, is now in a far better place and he will never be forgotten. 
Before I continue on with my tribute for Hosea, I would like to state that whoever would challenge me about my complaints against VETS IN PRACTICE Mandaluyong are free to do so, for I have written proof, video recordings and messages from 7 other tortoise owners whose poor, helpless pets died in the same clinic, after being experimented on. This does not include the countless friends who told me that their pet dogs died in the hands of cruel veterinarians and handlers, in the same Vets in Practice clinic. Even the popular teen celebrity, Matteo Guidicelli's dog died in the hands of the mindless staff running Vets in Practice Alabang branch, but to this day, these proud and heartless people do not care to check how they can possibly improve and avoid these unwarranted, preventable deaths.
My family and I dearly loved and cared for four adorable tortoises. Sammy, our eldest is now little over 2 years old, while I received the blessing of Blitzen, Dollar and the littlest, Hosea, last year, just several months after they hatched. I even gave them second names, and created a Facebook page for them, to share the delight they bring us. 
I won't say that Hosea was my favourite, for each of them had really unique and endearing personalities, but for me, he was clearly the baby. Hosea was the smallest when we brought them home, but he had quickly overtaken Blitzen (the third biggest) in size. And even when Hosea had already grown noticeably bigger, I still considered him the baby. So, going back to that painful day, January 31, 2017, my brother noticed that Hosea was not his usual energetic self and he said that there was a slight indication of respiratory infection, or RI.
I panicked and I made the error of reaching out to various doctors, googling options, looking up exotic vets on Facebook, adding and messaging them. I made that fatal mistake of looking up Maurice, this 'exotic pet' veterinarian who told me to immediately rush Hosea - along with the others for they all must have been infected and must be confined. Doubt tugged at my heart. Confine ALL of them, right away? And without proper diagnosis or the interest to ask me what happened days before we noticed Hosea in a state of lethargy? But being stubborn and thinking that doctors should know best, I agreed to let my brother take only Hosea to Vets in Practice, Mandaluyong. This Maurice guy told us that he had already called Ralph, a non-exotic pet veterinarian. And this guy, Ralph, turned out to be a total nincompoop, carrying out guesswork and had immediately caused the death of Hosea. And the worst part? When he called me that night, he told us to just come back the day after, because his shift was already ending and the cashier was closed and we could only settle payments the next day. Heartless! He didn't care at all that my pet died! IT WAS ALL JUST BUSINESS. Just another day of guessing, killing, overdosing tortoises and shrugging his shoulders, dusting his bloodied hands clean!!! 

Along with my mom and my son, we rushed to the clinic, and it was already close to midnight. Imagine the hassle for me as I had work the next day and my son too had school. But no way we will leave Hosea in that slaughterhouse, Vets in Practice Mandaluyong, overnight! I won't even be able to sleep if I did that, so might as well rush to bring him back home! 

Looking back, when I was googling 'Vets,' these automatically would appear in Google search: “Vets in Practice Cremation.” Perhaps it does usually come out, but I noticed this and remembered how I told myself I should think hard, but then again, panic made me shrug it off; I failed to heed the signs. In my desire to get Hosea better, I resorted to this painful mistake. I didn't listen to my heart. 
I pray, Hosea, for forgiveness. The day after I would just keep crying as I would whisper, please forgive me, Hosea. I also apologise to some of my newfound friends, like Zik of Philippine Tortoise Enthusiasts, for not listening to him when he told me to not rush my pet to the vet yet, and just undertake alternative methods such as soaking, as my pet looked dehydrated and while he might have RI too, I could have waited until a more capable exotic pet doctor was on hand. Clearly, Hosea should not have been injected on. I didn't know then Hosea, please forgive me. 
In my eagerness that Hosea gets better fast, I had Hosea delivered to the hands of her cruel executioners who knew not the pain of losing a tiny animal, because (to my horror, only learning after Hosea’s death), that the same clinic, with the same exotic pet vet had been the ones who attended to their now deceased pet tortoises. During my first Facebook post, I have surprisingly received a ton of comments and messages from friends attacking the clinic because of a painful death of a pet which they felt could have been avoidable.

It's a shame that so many people, even celebs like Matteo Guidicelli complain against Vets in Practice, and yet the clinic STILL WON'T CARE, WON'T LEARN. They just disabled the comment button on their Facebook page so no one can rant against them. But people will still come, because people will always be in need, always be desperate, and like me, the wrong calls.
The facts are that this Ralph injected over 220 cc of fluids in my tortoise, Hosea. Of course, he denies this, but I have this photo, below. Also, he said over the phone that the cause of death was 'drowning,' accusing me of drowning my tortoise before we brought Hosea to the vet, but then why did you write down and say that we brought Hosea dehydrated? You would do your clinic JUSTICE if you changed your name to what you truly are - VETS IN MALPRACTICE! 
FACT: This vet, Ralph, had the audacity to accuse me of 'drowning' my Hosea prior to bringing him to the clinic. But the funny thing is that they accepted him in a state of 'dehydration.' I have proof of his accusation that I drowned my pet. ANO BA TALAGA KUYA - WE DEHYDRATED HIM BUT WE DROWNED HIM FIRST?!? During his final medical report - he said that the cause of death was due to respiratory infection. So I admit to raising hell in their clinic after it took him close to an hour to come up with the medical report. Editing much? Shouldn't the real cause of death be ready in the report? It took you forever to come up with the report because you were DOCTORING it?!?!? And it didn't help at all that I was screaming my head off in that clinic. You cruel people will still be open the next day, back to your killing sprees, but for me, the next day, Hosea will already be under the ground, leaving me and my family with broken hearts over his cruel, preventable death! 
Call me crazy, weird, overacting, overreacting, papansin, dramatic, I don’t care. You will never feel the pain, the grief, the inexplicable loneliness, the sudden tears… until it happens to you. Hosea isn't a mere tortoise. He is a member of the family. These Vets in Malpractice guys don't even deserve to be called creeps! The word CREEP is far too good for you mindless and heartless jerks who think you are veterinarians when you are not! You have no genuine concern! Oh, and fun fact; by the way, this IS really a Creep... 
Our very own 'Creep' of the cutest li'l Tortoises, each with a distinct shell pattern and personality. This photo was taken back when we still had Hosea...
Dearest Hosea, though your name means 'saviour,' 'safety' and 'salvation,' the pain of not being able to save you still haunts me to this day. But we know that you are now with God in Heaven, where you will experience no pain nor sadness; where you are always safe. May you bring smiles to our saviour, Jesus Christ's loving face as He comforts you, for you are now in His hand... You will never be forgotten. You will continue to be loved by way of us caring more than ever for your three siblings, Sammy, Dollar and Blitzen.
Love always, 
Mary and Family 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Simply PLANTSA-STIK: Hosting for the Philips Perfect Care event, featuring Philips perfect plantsa!

I am just so happy and delighted, every single time that I get to host my events! But it isn't too obvious with the photo above... right? But first, my video in plantsa-stik hosting action:
Crazy right? Yup... not just to iron your clothes, but it can iron your hair and maybe your act too! Haha! Love this brand!!!
I am truly honoured for the many years I got to host for such a respected brand like Philips, starting out with Philips AVENT, and then Philips Kitchen appliances. This year, I've had the honor of leading the media launch of the newest Philips steam irons. And all I can say is that Philips never runs out of surprises and that their Perfect Care steam irons are beyond perfect! Here's a glimpse of this wonderful day with the Philips principals, partners and members of the media...
Held at Shangri-la Plaza East Cafe, this was an afternoon of fun and adventure...  I had a little too much fun, as we ironed all types of cloths, even rubber balloons, and... you wouldn't guess... 
My Hair! Yes, I am a proud owner of a Philips Hair Iron, but this Perfect Care steam iron can iron your hair too... Ironic.... More like IRON-ic! Yep, for the love my my job as emcee, and for the love of Philips, by all means, iron my hair! Philips steam-ironed hair, don't care!  
But the thing is, PHILIPS cares! Yes, it's amazing that it didn't hurt me or dry my hair. In fact, it worked wonders! But let's not get carried away; this Philips steam iron is for ironing all - yes all kinds of cloth imaginable, but all we wanted to show everyone was how safe it was to use this miracle product! Oh Philips, you continue to be the one and only meaningful innovator! And this lovely lady ironing my hair is Pia... nope, not Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach; she's the ever-gorgeous Business Development & Marketing Manager of Philips... 
Yup I am enjoying this experience... the facial expressions caught on cam, from total fright and doubt, to enjoyment and now, in total ease... truly, Philips cares... perfectly! I can even host while Pia irons my hair... with no less than this brand new Philips steam iron! 
 The lifestyle bloggers had tons of fun trying out this amazing product too! And the best part? We each got to bring home one... sweet! 
 Dream Team: Philips with members of CYA, their distributor-partner.
Lastly, I had to pose with super awesome and funny entrepreneur, Mr. Franklin Chan, the main man behind CYA Land and Fabriano Spa; one of the drivers of success for Philips appliances! 
Thank you Philips. I loved my very own perfect iron... time to iron the blues away and straighten up my life... how very apt. LOL. And, as how I usually end my blog posts, I'd appreciate it if you can click on these other links below too, for more of my many wonderful hosting gigs and adventures! Thanks for dropping by, have a perfect, wrinkle-free day!   

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

LEGO watch the greatest Batman film ever! My Lego Batman Movie Review:

Lego Batman is probably the most epic Batman movie ever, not to mention the one with the best-written lines I have ever heard! Take that, Iron Man; this movie surely will be a success when it opens on cinemas February 9, 2017! That what you call 'Robin' it in! Truly, Batman continues to reign as my top 1 favourite superhero; it was just like yesterday that I held and secured my Batman action figure which stood out yet comfortably sat alongside my dollies. Batman as a cute tine thumb-sized lego? Why not! First of all, I would like to thank the ever-wonderful President of Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox Philippines, Mr. Francis Soliven and the gorgeous Ms. Mae Vecina for the invites (also watching Hidden Figures tonight too; please watch out for my separate movie review on that, soon). My family and I had tons of fun with the movie, and with the pre-movie surprises, like these ones. First stop, check out the Dynamic Duo! 
Truly perfect for the family, the Lego Batman Movie hilariously follows Batman from a state of absorbedness to selflessness. And in the process, finding the family he has long been taking for granted in spite of them always having his back. 
Gotham City sees a new dawn with Barbara Gordon being the new commissioner who is less keen (compared to her father) on simply pressing the Bat-signal button for every form of villain distress. But while she lauds Batman, she aims to play a more active role. In fact, too active that Batman, I mean, Bruce Wayne becomes too smitten that he finds out he actually adopted a Son... And I mean Dick Grayson who eventually comes up with his own monicker, Robin. Eventually, the two set out on a mission, only to find out that the Justice League... well... was celebrating a milestone without Batman (this scene gave me all the more reason to dislike Superman and connect with Batman deeper). So anyway, Robin, a born-superhero follows to the thumb, and that's where the chaos begins. Truly hilarious chaos that's worth watching with the entire family! Trust me, if you don't bring your family along, you will feel like Batman watching the movie, Jerry Maguire alone! 
The opening was really witty and funny, and you can surely expect an exciting ride all the way to the closing credits! And for the very first time, I fell in love with Joker and finally got to appreciate him. After all, how can you NOT fall in love with this face? 
Of course, I couldn't resist posing with cute life-sized Lego Batman and Michael Keaton-version-lookalike-Batman; excuse my disheveled aura and my filthy sneakers (I was crime-fighting okay) as I flew in straight from work; wouldn't miss this movie for the world! I wonder where Batmen and I were gazing at thought... 
And since we can't get enough of the Dark Knight, here's more of him: macho Batman & I-had-a-little-too-much-last-night-Batman, with this pretty girl, an occasional travel blogger and movie enthusiast (who I just happen to be with each time there are VIP movie screenings, but nope, I don't know her personally (insert Joker's face here)... anyhow, please visit her blog right here:
And in a way, I too, am like Batman (Bruce Wayne by day, caped crusader by night), as I hustle in my day job, but still get to take on my passion of being an events host / emcee! I'd appreciate it if you can click on these links below too about my events hosting adventures!