Friday, March 4, 2016

Glad to MIT you at the Mitsubishi Air Philippines Dealer Conference

So elated was I to emcee for another meaningful corporate event: the MIT-AIR Philippines (Mitsubishi Air Conditioner) Dealers Conference 2016, held at the breathtaking Marriot Grand Ballroom, Resorts World Manila! It was an extraordinary night for all their dealers all over the country came to participate in the business review, past year's milestones, and the exciting things up ahead for all of them this coming year! Esteemed Mitsubishi principals from Japan and Thailand flew all the way from their respective bases to take part in this momentous affair. Here I am below with Mr. Andre See, MIT-AIR Vice President who trusted me to be the master of ceremonies of this conference... 
I don't have a lot of impressive photos of that memorable night, but I would like to express my thanks and delight to the Mit-Air Group. But I do have photos of this exciting night, don't forget to click on the links leading to my YouTube Channel below: 

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